Trump Speeches on Christian Values and Iran

On Friday, President Trump delivered two very strategic speeches: the first regarding Judeo-Christian values, the second regarding Iran.  I’ll post those speeches below, but I want to focus on the key points of those speeches, and why I see them as strategic.

He first addressed the Values Voter Summit in Washington DC.  “Values Voters” is a coalition of primarily Christians (definitely right wing) who vote according to strong Judeo-Christian values.  Moral issues, religious liberties and the like are at the top of the priority list when voting, and sources report that 80% of those who hold strongly to those values voted for Trump in the 2016 Presidential election.

While Trump’s life has not always exhibited the highest moral qualities, his talk is becoming more consistent with values that we as Christians hold in high esteem.  For that I am grateful.  Here are some highlights of that speech:

  • He frequently alluded to the value of prayer and even quoted Scripture at one point, and alluded to a Scriptural principle when he spoke of us hurting together, hoping together and healing together.  (That principle is taught in 1 Corinthians 12:12-26.)
  • He clearly stated his position on the dignity and sanctity of every human life, and on religious liberty.
  • He referenced America’s Christian heritage and the invoking of the Creator at least four times in our Declaration of Independence.
  • He stated: “In protecting America’s interests abroad, we will always support our cherished friend and partner, the state of Israel.  We will confront the dangers that imperil our nation, our allies and the world, including the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”

In his speech regarding the Iran nuclear deal:

  • He announced he is decertifying the deal (sending it to Congress to make changes), and definitively stated: “In the event we are not able to reach a solution working with Congress and our allies, then the agreement will be terminated.”
  • He laid out the history of Iran’s terrorist activity against the US.
  • He was the first to publicly announce to the American people that the US paid Iran $1.7 billion (in cash) in the settlement of the Iranian nuclear deal.  Because that money is believed to have gone to terrorists groups and regimes (such as Hezbollah and Bashar al-Assad), that makes the US the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world.
  • He likened the Iranian nuclear deal to that of North Korea (during the Clinton administration), allowing North Korea to obtain nuclear capabilities that now threaten the world.

However, despite the fact I was impressed with President Trump’s positions and his solid stance on values upon which I agree, one thing kept coming to mind more strongly than anything else.  Much of Trump’s strategy has been to use Executive Orders to overturn Executive Orders put in place by Obama.  Does that cause anyone else concern?

True, getting anything done via Congress is a virtual impossibility these days, as each party is dead set against the other party gaining a “victory” in anything.  It is not that I’m necessarily against every Executive Order being signed into action, but simply that if President Trump can override what Obama did, what will happen when the next President takes office?

You see, my friends, I truly believe the Lord may be giving America “one last chance,” and He is using President Trump (of all people) to do what “regular politicians” cannot or will not do.  If that is the case, how long will the Lord call us to repent and turn back to Christian values (and the God of those values), before He withdraws His hand of blessing and protection?  Regardless of when, it is eventually going to happen, and evil will reign with such vengeance that I can hardly see how America can survive.

What will cause America’s collapse? Perhaps Iran or North Korea or Russia (or any number of other nations) decide to take action and America is “surprisingly” defeated.  Perhaps we encounter financial collapse.  Immorality may take our nation down.  A gigantic natural disaster (the “super volcano” is in the news right now!) may wipe out a large chunk of American people and resources.  Or…perhaps the rapture occurs and believers in Jesus Christ are suddenly snatched away to meet Jesus in the air!  (1 Corinthians 15:51-57)

Time is short.  Jesus taught a parable about 10 virgins preparing for their wedding. (Matthew 25:1-13)  5 were ready for the Bridegroom to appear and 5 were not.  Believers, as the Body of Christ, we are those virgins, awaiting Jesus, our Bridegroom.  The world is stirred up and the birth pains are happening.  Are you ready?

(Here are President Trump’s speeches from Friday.  Enjoy…and pray for our President as he faces overwhelming criticism for his announcement on the Iran deal.)

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