Netanyahu to Christian Media: “Israel is a Light unto the Nations!”

On Sunday, in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu kicked off the Christian Media Summit, which brings together “more than 100 Christian journalists and speakers from around the world to learn about Israel’s Biblical and modern history, and its security challenges,” according to CBN News.

After encouraging the journalists to focus on, and report on, Iran’s persecution of Christians, he took questions from the journalists.  Here is one exchange:

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell: “With all the problems facing Israel, why does Israel feel obligated to reach out with humanitarian aid to the nations?”

Netanyahu’s immediate response: “Because we’re a light unto the nations!  That’s fulfillment of that great prophecy…that’s what Israel is doing!”

Indeed, Israel is a light unto the nations, just as Isaiah the prophet recorded (Isaiah 49:6).  You see, God called Israel for a special purpose.  Genesis 12:3 tells us that the descendents of Abraham are to be a blessing to the whole world.  What does it mean to be a light unto the nations, or to bless the whole world?  How does that happen?

Those are interesting questions, and ones we, as believers in Jesus Christ, would be richly blessed to know and understand!  The world is in a mess, and in need of redemption.  The good news is: Israel is that vehicle of world redemption!

There is so much more that we, as believers in Jesus Christ, would be richly blessed to know and understand.  Together, we will dig into those details during a study I’m teaching on Sunday mornings at Calvary Community Church in Phoenix AZ.  If you’re in the area, join us at 9:00am (Northwest Campus Prayer Room) or 11:00am (Central Campus Room 403).  Info and directions here.  Let’s discover what God has for us through our Jewish roots!

BTW, if you wish to see and hear Netanyahu’s brief speech and Q&A at the Christian Media Summit, you will find it here.

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