Coronavirus: Is it the Globalists' Dream?

Friends, we're going to cover some ground today by putting together pieces of a puzzle. Stick with me through this... Revelation tells of a time Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet will establish One World Order (one currency, one government, one religion). I have written about it on occasion, and you can find extensive …

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One Day, Jesus will Physically Return to Earth…to Save or to Judge? Jesus' Second Coming is actually one event in two phases. Check out Second Coming: Rapture or Glorious Appearing to better understand those two phases.

Rapture Ready?

As the Iranian chaos has settled a bit, it seems to be a good idea to take a step back and remember that, though current events seem to be hurtling toward fulfillment of end time prophecy, there is no need to sensationalize what is happening in the world. God our Father is fully in control …

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Tour Rewind: Mount of Olives

Mount of Olives Ok friends, as I indicated yesterday, there is method to my madness. As we head toward the weekend, I want to transport you to a weekend over 2,000 years ago. That weekend changed history...and I hope this weekend blesses you immensely as we finish our tour rewind by focusing on that weekend. …

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