What’s Next? It Depends on Your Perspective!

Amen to this…

Pastor Jack Hibbs is one of today’s most Biblically sound Bible teachers. I have recently come across a few very timely tidbits from Pastor Jack, and will share some of them with you in days to come.

Pray for pastors who deliver God’s Word so faithfully, and who teach the whole counsel of God’s Word. Our time on this earth is short and we must prepare as the Bride for her Bridegroom. May God strengthen and multiply teachers who lead the way in preparing the Bride! Will you pray?

“The Mystery of the Rapture” from the Mount of Olives

Got time for a good teaching this weekend? If so, how about settling in with a cup of coffee to take in Amir Tsarfati’s The Mystery of the Rapture, taught live on the Mount of Olives!

If you have been to Israel, you are sure to be taken back to that memorable place overlooking Temple Mount from the other side of the Kidron Valley. If you have never been to Israel, this is the next best thing! Think of Jesus sitting on the Mount of Olives (Matthew 24) when the disciples ask Him what will be the signs of the times. It is from a spot right there on the Mount of Olives that He answered their questions…and it is upon this very mount Jesus’ foot will touch down at His Second Coming (when He physically returns to earth following the tribulation).

But before that, the Bible tells us He will descend from heaven to receive us (believers in Christ) unto Himself, and we will be taken up to meet Him in the air. We know that as the rapture, and we obviously will not all be at the Mount of Olives or any other single place, but will be taken up from wherever we are. However, the Mount of Olives is such a vivid place to picture Jesus when He walked this earth, and to consider that place to which we will return with Him at His Second Coming!

Our time is coming! Enjoy the teaching!

Amir’s Bible Bites: What is the Rapture?

What an encouraging 60-second message to get 2019 started on a great note! Take a listen and be encouraged!

The Bible: More Relevant than Yesterday’s News!

AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici
Iranian President Rouhani, Turkish President Erdogan and Russian President Putin during an April, 2018 press conference (Photo credit: AP/Burhan Ozbilici)

An actual headline just yesterday: Russia, Turkey Agree to Coordinate on Syria after US Pullout.

This development needs no commentary. Just read the article linked above, then read Ezekiel 38 and decide for yourself! Surely, the Bible is more relevant than yesterday’s news!

FYI…Ancient names listed in verses 1-6 of Ezekiel 38 specifically include modern-day Russia, Turkey and Iran (as well as Libya and Sudan who have their own prophetic developments). Never in the history of the world has end time Bible prophecy been so apparent!

Are you rapture ready?