Part 2 – Understanding the Future

Grab a seat and make yourself comfortable! We're gathering at the virtual study table to continue our look at Understanding the Future. If you missed yesterday's first portion of this week's study, take a few moments to review it. We have a glorious future because the Lord of Glory is returning to take us home! …

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Understanding the Future

Greetings, study friends! We're heading into the final week of Understanding the Times. We began by asking, "Why is it important to understand the times?" Then we broke it down to look at the past and ask, "What lessons can we learn?" Last week, in looking at the present, we asked, "How Close are We?" …

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Is Your Forwarding Address Ready?

For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. ~Philippians 3:20 Happy thoughts this blessed Lord's Day... Some day very soon, the Savior in whom we eagerly await will return for us just as He promised! He will take us home, and we will have a new address! …

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Amir’s Bible Bites: The Generation that Shall not Pass Away

Great encouragement on this Lord's Day! Enjoy! Amen! We are that generation, so keep looking for the Blessed Hope, dear friends! He is coming soon!