37 Years of Feast of Tabernacles Celebrations!

Hi gang!  If you are not aware, the Feast of Tabernacles is being celebrated by Jews around the world right now.  In addition, recognizing the significance of the Jewish feasts to our Christian roots, many Christians are joining in the celebration (though not under the law to do so!)  The 7 major feasts, called the “Feasts of the Lord” in Scripture, are very important to us as Christians, as those feasts are God’s calendar of salvation and redemption of the world.  In fact, Jesus is the fulfillment of one of those feasts!

BTW – did you know you have an embassy in Jerusalem?  Indeed, while every other embassy left Jerusalem in 1980’s, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem moved in and set up shop in a show of support for Israel!  They have been supportive ever since!

Today, they host thousands of Christians from around the world to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.  Their work includes:

  • Running a home for holocaust survivors
  • Assistance to Jews returning to the homeland (aliyah trips)
  • Feeding/caring for orphans, widows, at-risk youth and the less fortunate
  • Providing bomb shelters near the Gaza Strip
  • Worldwide teaching regarding the history of Israel, Christian Zionism, the Jewish roots of Christianity and more
  • Fighting against the onslaught of actions against Israel
  • Providing supplies/equipment to police units and the IDF
  • Hosting the annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration
  • …much much more.

Due to the fantastic humanitarian work they do, ICEJ is well-recognized in the nation of Israel as a very committed friend of the Jewish people.  In fact, on Wednesday, Breaking Israel News published an article containing photos from many of the past Feast of Tabernacles events, including recent ones.  Here is that article, and it is well worth the read!

Follow the festivities of the Feast of Tabernacles, streamed live here!

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