An Israeli Perspective on the Las Vegas Massacre

Image result for tel aviv city hall american flag
Tel Aviv City Hall…standing with America

As America reels in grief once more, let’s pray for the families who lost loved ones in the Las Vegas massacre.  Our nation is in desperate need of a Great Awakening and turning back to the Lord.  Let’s join together to say, “Let it begin with me.”

On a different slant, I read an interesting article in the Jerusalem Post yesterday.   In it, we get an Israeli perspective on the Las Vegas massacre.  It runs the gamut from idolization of America, to “patronizing condescension.”  Given that Israelis deal with terror constantly, and given the military training every Israeli endures, I think there are interesting observations made by the Israeli author.

Take a look, and enjoy Comment: The Las Vegas Massacre through Israeli Eyes.  Very interesting!

BTW – Tel Aviv lit up City Hall in red, white and blue, a show of support for America during this difficult time.  See the picture above.

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