Part 5 – Understanding the Future

It's our finale, my friends! Let's jump in and close it out with a bang! This week, we have discovered that three key covenants (Abrahamic, Mosaic and New Covenants) are all necessary for our salvation, and lead us to a fourth great covenant: the Davidic Covenant. It is also known as the Millennial Kingdom and …

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Word from Jerusalem – January 2019

The latest issue of Word from Jerusalem has posted and contains a full report on the 2018 Feast of Tabernacles, as well as updates from the Gaza border. Stay up to date with ministry happenings of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) via Word from Jerusalem. Enjoy the January 2019 edition:

Word from Jerusalem: Special Feast Recap

The ICEJ has produced a special "Feast Edition" of Word from Jerusalem, highlighting the inspiring messages, sights and sounds of the recently completed Feast of Tabernacles, and a look at many of the life-impacting projects ICEJ has sponsored over the past several months.  For insight into the ministry being done in Israel on behalf of Christians everywhere, …

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Yeshua (Jesus) in the Feast of Tabernacles

Jesus is the Water of Life, and that is clearly seen in the Feast of Tabernacles!  The feast is done for another year, but let's enjoy one last, exciting tidbit before we say goodbye! This is a very interesting article.  I hope you will take 2 minutes to read Yeshua and the Sukkot Water Drawing …

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