Is the BDS Movement Hurting Palestinians?

Great question…and you may be surprised by the answer!  BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) is a worldwide movement aimed at destroying Israeli economy.  It is targeted primarily at Israeli companies doing business in the West Bank because it is said they are hurting the Palestinian economy by being there.

But, is that true?  Many indicators say absolutely not, but listen to what Palestinians who work for those companies say.  Then, decide for yourself whether or not the BDS Movement is hurting the very people group they are allegedly trying to help!



Just yesterday we prayed for the peace of Jerusalem.  Part of that prayer is that the Prince of Peace would make Himself known to all people, including Palestinians.  Pray that the lies being perpetrated by the BDS Movement will be uncovered, and that Palestinians will begin to have an understanding of what true peace is all about.

Perhaps they just need to work side-by-side, as they do in the factory you just saw!  Food for thought…and fodder for prayer!

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