Israel: Innovation Nation – Non-Invasive, Focused Ultrasound Guided by MRI

Imagine having tremors brought about by Parkinson’s or other debilitating conditions cured in a matter of minutes, with no invasive surgery or medication.

That was Kobi Vortman’s vision that led to the development of INSIGHTEC’s focused ultrasound platform guided by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  According to INSIGHTEC’s website: Focused ultrasound waves, guided by magnetic resonance imaging are used to safely ablate targeted tissue, ensuring a high rate of effectiveness with minimal side effects.  Check out this video of one success story:


Once again, Israeli medical technology rises to the top, bringing hope to those with Parkinson’s and other tremor-inducing conditions.  Find out more about the Israeli company, INSIGHTEC, hear the founder share his vision, or watch how it works.

PS:  Check back later today for a rather interesting, somewhat related story!

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