To Move or Not to Move: Will the US Embassy Move to Jerusalem?

Throughout his presidential campaign, President Trump vowed to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  The campaign promise was well-received by conservatives, particularly those who support Israel.  But there is controversy, and if you are a supporter of Israel, it is important to understand it.  Thus, we’ll examine the current state of that campaign promise, then consider some other details over the next day or two.

President Trump is about to take his first official international trip as President of the United States, and Israel is on the itinerary.  Media reports indicate that President Trump will spend a day in Israel, sandwiched in between visits to Saudi Arabia and the Vatican.  Whether or not it is true, the media suggests the visits represent an effort to unite Muslims (Saudi Arabia), Jews (Israel), and Christians (the Vatican).

Image result for pence AIPAC
VP Mike Pence, assures AIPAC of President Trump’s intentions to move the US Embassy

But let’s focus on the visit to Israel.  Talk of moving the embassy has quieted somewhat since the election, but some, including Vice President Mike Pence, indicate the President is “seriously considering” moving the embassy to Jerusalem.  Doing so would reverse 60 years of American foreign policy in which presidents (both Republican and Democrat) have waived the requirement of placing the American embassy in Jerusalem, citing it “a national security risk” that would incite the anger of Arab nations.  (The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 mandated the embassy move no later than May 31, 1999.)

The Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as their capital, and have ambitions that parallel common Arab desire to wipe Israel off the earth.  Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, so the theory goes, would clearly underscore America’s commitment to Israel, and recognize Jerusalem as her capital.

Indeed, nations are well-advised to stand on the side of blessing Israel!  (Genesis 12:3)  Thus, taking this historic step could have very resounding importance.

It is believed that President Trump has sent representatives to scout out locations for the embassy, and a potential location has been identified.  So, will the President announce an embassy move while in Israel?  Many believe that may be the case, and we will soon find out!

But, what is the history behind the embassy controversy?  We’ll take a look at that tomorrow!  See you then!



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