Does Hamas’ New Charter Recognize Israel’s Right to Exist?

Hamas has a new leader and a new charter.  The new leader will take up residence in another nation (Qatar), just as the old Hamas leader did.  But does it matter where a leader lives if he doesn’t have a nation to rule?  Apparently not!

The new charter deceptively appears to recognize the existence of the Jewish state…but does it really?  It is clear what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thinks!  Watch his 1 1/2-minute response:

Things are heating up once again.  Let’s be faithful prayer warriors on behalf of Israel and world leaders everywhere.

PS: We’re in the middle of a short series regarding the possible movement of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.  If you missed this morning’s post, check it out here, then join us tomorrow and the next day as we consider the issue of an embassy in Jerusalem.

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