Nuremberg Prosecutor Appears on 60 Minutes

The fascinating story of Ben Ferencz, the Nuremberg prosecutor, was presented on 60 Minutes last night.  I watched with interest as this 97-year-old Jewish man told the story of the Nuremberg trials, where 22 Nazi SS commanders were tried for war crimes following the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Mr Ferencz was a very young man prosecuting his first trial.  The 5′ tall attorney walked to the lectern he could barely see over and proceeded to question the Einsatzgruppen, all of whom pled “not guilty.”  (See the film footage for yourself to see how ridiculous those pleas were!)

It is a story, not so much about the outcome of the trials (which we know ended with prosecution), but about his experience in prosecuting them.  Imagine a Jewish young man prosecuting the very commanders who murdered millions of his countrymen.  He shares his thoughts and experiences.

An interesting fact I came to know, however, is that the Nuremberg trials for war crimes were a major catalyst in the founding of the International Criminal Court at the Hague.  Ironically, it could be said that this Jewish man played a significant role in the founding of the very criminal court in which Arab nations regularly charge Israel with war crimes!

See the 14-minute interview on 60 Minutes.  (Please note: while the story is interesting, the end of the interview contains social/political views that are not consistent with Scripture.  Thus, this is not an endorsement of those views.)

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