Word from Jerusalem – May 2017

While chaos continues to rage in parts of the Middle East, Israel is poised to celebrate major milestones over the next couple years.  This year Israel will celebrate a jubilee marking 50 years since the 1967 Six-Day War that reunited the city of Jerusalem (after being under Jordanian control).  Next year, Israel will celebrate it’s 70th year of independence!

These key events are making headlines, and as followers of Jesus, those events are important for us to understand as we rightly relate to our Jewish roots.  The key article in this month’s Word from Jerusalem gives us a glimpse into those events.  It is filled with other timely articles as well.  In this issue, you will read:

  • “A Jubilee Year for Jerusalem” – the reason for the celebration
  • Various short pieces regarding Israel’s Holocaust survivors
  • “US Donates Bombshelter  to Youth Village”
  • “The Case for Returning to Jerusalem” – arguments for moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
  • “Jesus, Help me Get Out of Here!” – ICEJ-India’s incredible story of miraculous survival and healing
  • “Did the Jews Steal the Palestinians’ Land?”

Take some time to browse this issue!  Enjoy!

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