Word from Jerusalem – May 2018

Hey friends, in only a few days the international celebration of Israel’s 70th birthday will take place.  Not only is Israel’s 70th year significant in terms of Biblical importance, but it will be an especially meaningful celebration as the US and others move their embassies to Jerusalem!  Gear up…the excitement is about to begin!

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, which by the way, moved in when every other embassy was moving out of Jerusalem, and had a significant part in the decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel.  ICEJ’s VP and Senior Spokesman, David Parsons, was one of the authors of the original legislation that became the Jerusalem Embassy Act, and ICEJ-US Branch spearheaded a petition campaign and letters to the White House, encouraging the move.

Now, ICEJ has dedicated May’s issue of Word from Jerusalem to the celebration of the US Embassy’s move.  In this issue you will find:

  • ICEJ Prayer 2.0 – article by ICEJ President, Jurgen Buhler, who shares his vision of the tidal wave of prayer sweeping all over the world
  • An Israel on the Rise – highlighting Israel’s resiliency and determination
  • The Christian Role in Israel’s Founding
  • Human interest stories from throughout the land…and more!

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to get an inside glimpse into Israel’s 70th anniversary!  Enjoy!

Word from Jerusalem – March 2018

The anticipated US Embassy move to Jerusalem has made worldwide news.  Indeed, it is a newsworthy event.  However, did you know that you already have an embassy in Jerusalem?  Indeed, when all nations were pulling their embassies out of Jerusalem in the 1980’s, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem moved in!

For about 40 years, ambassadors of Christ have stood with Israel, in Jerusalem, at the ICEJ!  If you are a Christian, YOU have an embassy in the Holy City!

As you may know, the ICEJ publishes Word from Jerusalem, a magazine sharing news of current events from a Biblical perspective and updating us on the work of the Embassy.  But did you know they produce both a “global” issue as well as a US edition?  (They also publish specific issues in a few other countries as well.)  In this issue of the “global” edition, you will find:

  • Restored for Destruction – ICEJ President Jurgen Buhler shares an alternate view of “the time of Jacob’s trouble.”  (Study for yourself to discern whether or not you agree with this view!)
  • The Miracle of Israel’s Rebirth – the miracle of a nation’s rebirth, only 3 years after their near destruction.
  • Haifa Home Expansion – news on the planned addition to the home for Holocaust survivors, operated by the ICEJ.
  • Playing Defence – an update on provision of bomb shelters in areas near the Gaza Strip.
  • Choosing to Remember – a visit to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.
  • Update on Protests in Iran

Check out those articles and more here:


The March issue of the US edition contains articles such as:

  • Three incredible reports on ICEJ’s involvement in “Operation Good Neighbor.”
  • ICEJ Donates New Bomb Shelters
  • No Time to Lose – helping Holocaust survivors before its too late.
  • Expanding and Uniting – increasing number of ICEJ branches worldwide.
  • How Can We Help Palestinian Refugees

Find all that and more here:

Word from Jerusalem – February 2018

ICEJ has released the latest edition of Word from Jerusalem, containing relevant and insightful articles.  This month’s magazine includes articles such as:

  • I Will do a New Thing – the remarkable timetable of God, and how He has worked in the history of Israel
  • The Controversy over Zion – the impact of President Trump’s acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
  • ICEJ Year in Review – a joyous month-by-month look at the impact various ICEJ outreaches have had in Israel and beyond
  • Why was Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Important? – a look at why that recognition was so historic

Enjoy this edition:

Word from Jerusalem – January 2018

The January edition of Word from Jerusalem looks back on the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles, where celebration of the 50th year of Jerusalem’s re-unification was the focus.  However, there are many other great articles such as:

  • Thousands Come to Show Christian Love for God’s City – lots of photos of the celebration!
  • USA Tour to the Feast
  • Articles highlighting ICEJ Aid projects such as bomb shelters, ambulance equipment and bullet/knife-proof vests to Israeli security personnel
  • A Museum of Memory – a report from the Haifa Home for Holocaust survivors
  • Is it Safe to Visit Israel?

Enjoy this edition!