Miracles in Egypt…Be Amazed!

Egyptian President Sisi at a very special occasion. Find out the occasion below!

Welcome back, gang! Yesterday I promised to share an absolutely incredible, prophecy-fulfilling report from Egypt, and that is exactly what I’ll do! But first, consider this passage:

In that day Israel will be the third party with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth,  whom the Lord of hosts has blessed, saying, “Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.”

~Isaiah 19:24-25

Though total fulfillment of that passage will not happen before the rapture, in the end, Egypt will be blessed by God because they chose to acknowledge and worship the God of Israel. Does it seem far-fetched to think the largest Muslim country in the world will build an altar of worship to the Lord Jesus Christ? Of course it does, but there is much to know about that prophecy. I won’t take up space here to explain it, as it is explained in Egypt in End Time Prophecy. Go ahead and pause here to pick up on the teaching. I’ll wait….!

Did you catch it? Ultimately, Egypt will swear allegiance to the Lord of hosts and will believe in the God of Israel! Stunning…absolutely stunning!

Now for the really exciting part! While some of you may have watched Scott Pelley do his best to nail Egyptian President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi to the wall in last Sunday night’s 60 Minutes episode (it’s really not worth watching), I want you to see “the other side” of President el-Sisi, and the actions he is directing in Egypt! Egypt most definitely has its issues, Sisi is far from a perfect man, and he holds fast to his deep-seeded Muslim beliefs. Make no mistake about that. Yet, the Lord is working miracles through him!

However, you MUST see pictures and read about the miracle witnessed by a Christian delegation led by Joel Rosenberg and reported in his latest post, Game-changing moment: Egyptian President Sisi makes history…  (Sorry, you’ve got to go there to see how he made history!)

I realize I’ve given you more than usual to chew on today, but please take the time! Then tell me…is God’s Word more accurate than today’s headlines!?! Can you deny that God is clearly and overtly working out His plan of the end!?!

We live in absolutely amazing times, as we watch more prophecies being fulfilled in our day than perhaps any other time in history. Friends, we don’t know the day or hour in which Jesus will come to receive us unto Himself. But we DO know things that are prophesied beyond the time of the rapture are being set in motion today. We are to know the times and the season in which we live.

We’re in it!

What a Chemical Attack Looks Like

Last night 60 Minutes reported again on the chemical attacks of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on his own people.  This is not the first major network to report on the atrocities, nor is it even the first time 60 Minutes has aired a lengthy segment.  (The first was back in February.)  It cannot be said that the world does not know what is happening in Syria.

Yet, neither the UN nor any nation is taking definitive steps to curb the brutal killing of innocent citizens.  True, many (including Israel) are providing humanitarian relief to those impacted, but Assad allies (such as Russia) turn a blind eye to the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children.  Not a single UN resolution has been issued, despite the blatant human rights violations.

(If you wish to see the latest 60 Minutes report on Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his people, click here.  Warning: parts are very graphic and not suitable for children or those highly sensitive to seeing human cruelty.)

These are signs of the times.  Total disregard of human life will become more and more prevalent as the end times unfold.  Believers, it is time for us to be about our Father’s business.  While most of us will never have the opportunity to do something tangible in Syria, we most certainly can pray.

But understand also that we can do tangible things right where the Father has placed us.  Syria is not the only place in need of God’s love.  Our workplaces need it.  Our neighborhoods need it.  Our families need it.  Our friends need it.

Indeed, prayer is the Father’s business, but He has called us to more!  Let’s be fully about the Father’s business!

60 Minutes Reports on Assad’s Use of Chemical Weapons Against His Own People in Syria

On at least 200 occasions, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has used banned chemical weapons on his own citizens.  Rebel groups in opposition to the Assad regime are regularly targeted and attacked, leaving innocent men, women and children gasping for breath following inhalation of deadly sarin gas.

Use of chemical weapons is a war crime, yet Assad has consistently used them in attempts to crush the opposition.  Late last year, the UN investigation was shut down by Syria’s ally, Russia, but 60 Minutes continued a private investigation into an April 2017 attack.  Below is the 60 Minutes report, aired on Sunday night (2/25/2018).

Before viewing the video, however, let’s put things into context.  The Bible tells us that, in the last days, Damascus will cease to exist.  The capital city of Syria is being systematically dismantled by the Syrian regime trying to put down the rebels.  In addition, Russia, Turkey, Iran, the Kurds, ISIS and other terrorist groups are daily fighting for presence in Syria.  Chaos reigns.  Meanwhile, innocent Syrian civilians live in squalor, fighting for their very life.  As if refugee camps are not bad enough, they are attacked by chemical weapons.

The following video is very graphic and not suited to children or those especially sensitive to inhuman actions.  But it is a realistic look at life in Syria these days.  May these atrocities cause us all to diligently pray for those in Syria who desperately need the love of Jesus.

Here is the 60 Minutes report:  What a Chemical Attack in Syria Looks Like

MUST SEE: Wounds of War inside Syria

We have heard about the atrocities in Syria.  We know that Syrian Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against his own people.  It is estimated that about 500,000 Syrians have lost their lives, 6 million are displaced internally (within Syria), and 5 million are displaced externally (to other countries) during the 6-year Syrian civil war.

But, if that is not horrific enough, we’re now seeing actual news reports out of Syria of the bombing of hospitals.  Imagine surviving a chemical attack from your own government, only to die in bombing attacks at the hospital in which you are being treated.

Previously, I shared news of an American surgeon and trauma nurse who were sunken deep into Syria to render medical aid to those in need.  (See Sharing the Love of Christ in Syria and Jews Helping Christians Helping Muslims)  Those courageous women are not the only medical professionals to travel to Syria to lend their talents and expertise.

Just last night 60 Minutes ran a story on the situation in Syria.  In it, we see the absolute brutal atrocities carried out (with absolutely no condemnation from the United Nations), as well as those risking their lives to reach out to the Syrian people.

For those of us who have never come close to facing such horrific circumstances, it is a stark reminder that there are people who desperately need our prayers and support.  It is also a reminder that there are indeed people still committed to going to the greatest lengths possible to help those in need.  Praise God for that!

You will find the 14-minute 60 Minutes release, Wounds of War here.