Reflections from Our Israel Tour: Yad Vashem and Holocaust Survivors

Few places on earth are more heart-wrenching than the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, particularly the children’s memorial. What happened to the Jewish people during the Nazi’s “Final Solution” was absolutely unfathomable, and we saw the evidence of atrocity as we toured the museum during our recent Israel tour.

However, flickers of light (Holocaust survivors) have now set Israel ablaze as the most fitting “revenge” is the fact the Jewish people have not only survived but have thrived throughout history since then. Jewish people say their greatest revenge is children and grandchildren!

Amidst the evil perpetrators of the Holocaust (known in Hebrew as HaShoah), there were those who helped rescue Jewish people, many of them children. Having attended a Christian Leaders Seminar at Yad Vashem several years ago and heard of many valiant efforts to save the Jewish people, I could use any number of examples of righteous people who risked their lives and livelihoods to save Jewish ones. But there is one story that comes to mind today, and I want to share it!

A young, successful British lad decided one day to figure out how to save Jewish children in Czechoslovakia, and he set out to do so. His deeds were heroic, yet he kept silent about it for 50 years before he was discovered to have been a hero. His story is touching, and 60 Minutes did a 15-minute piece about Sir Nicolas Winton a few years back. Sir Winton is no longer with us, but his amazing story lives on. Enjoy!

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