CBS 60 Minutes: Inside Rawabi: A New West Bank City


Just weeks ago I was touring with my group in Israel and we spent considerable time in Samaria…modern-day West Bank. Many Americans gasp at the idea of going to the West Bank, because the media has painted a picture of violence and hatred between Jews and Palestinians.

I won’t deny the tension between ideologies and extreme leaders, but I’ve also been there enough to know that what we typically see on the news is not an accurate picture.

On CBS 60 Minutes last night, though, I saw an interesting look at a new Palestinian city. Of course there is the controversy of whether or not the land belongs to Israel, but the piece accurately portrayed the difficult, yet committed working relationship between a Jew and a Palestinian, seeking to come to solutions to the dilemma facing the two people groups in Israel.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything portrayed here, but I did find the report to be more equally balanced than usual. Take a look, and tell me what you think!

Inside Rawabi: A New West Bank City Built by a Palestinian for Palestinians

PS: If you’re following our tour rewind, I will return to it tomorrow morning!

2 thoughts on “CBS 60 Minutes: Inside Rawabi: A New West Bank City

  1. This video is fantastic. I love that this city was built and is thriving. And so happy to hear about the Israeli soldier that is employing so many of it’s citizens in his business. What a great partnership. Thanks so much for sharing this. God bless!

    1. Yes…there is so much more about the West Bank that we don’t hear on the news. This report was a pleasant surprise. Most often reports are very slanted toward the “oppression” of the Palestinians by Israel. It just isn’t true! Kudos to 60 Minutes for fair reporting! If only Palestinian leadership realized how good they could have it!

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