The Reality of Israel

Hi friends…welcome back, and thanks for stopping by! Focus has been on the growing antisemitism perpetuated through accusations of apartheid in Israel, and the BDS Movement. The two are loosely tied together as part of a propaganda plot to delegitimize Israel. It is hate-driven and rises under the guise of Palestinian depression.

I recently ran across a very relevant 16-minute video entitled, Experience the Reality of Israel. In it, three men (a former jihadist, head of the Greek Orthodox Community in Nazareth, and a Holocaust survivor) address the extreme antisemitism flooding American college and university campuses. It is reaching epidemic proportions and is only one of many ways our young people are being literally brainwashed with anti-Biblical (often evil) propaganda that will destroy them and the generations to come.

If you have college-age or younger children, or if you have influence in the lives of young people, I urge you to carve out 16 minutes to view the video below, then become a watchman on the wall to warn others of the impending danger that lurks as evil sucks the life out of our young people.

“Lord, have mercy on our young people!”

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