IAF Working Covertly in Syria

In 1979, Samir Kuntar and 3 other PLO terrorists infiltrated Israel by boat from Jordan to launch a terrorist attack.  After killing a police officer, the terrorists broke into an Israeli home, murdering a man and his daughter. Kuntar was arrested and imprisoned for 30 years before being released as part of a swap of prisoners for the return of the bodies of two kidnapped and murdered reserve Israeli soldiers.

Site of Israeli airstrike

According to the NY Times, Kuntar has been a senior official for Hezbollah. However, over the weekend, Kuntar was targeted and killed by an Israeli airstrike near Damascus Syria, where he was directing Hezbollah’s campaign to prop up Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Damascus. Also killed in the attack was Farhan al-Sha’alan, a leader of the Syrian Resistance in the Golan (also associated with Hezbollah).

Some reports indicate that Syrian rebel forces may have provided intelligence regarding Kuntar’s location.

Israel continues to operate covertly in Syria in order to prevent transfer of weaponry to Hezbollah, and to prevent the Shiite terrorist group from establishing bases of operation from which to launch attacks on Israel.

There is no room for error or lack of attention to detail. Let’s pray for God’s great favor, His wisdom, and diligence for the Israeli Air Force as they carry out necessary operations to protect their homeland.


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