Our God is on Watch!

Good morning friends. It was a sleepless night spent in prayer and my soul is restless. I've leaned into the Lord with great trust, but something won't let me simply lie down and sleep. There is a private call in my being to remain at my battle station in prayer. With threats of impeachment of …

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From Jew-Hater to Muslim Zionist

Is it possible that anyone practicing Islam could be a Zionist?  Of course!  They are far-and-few-between but there are Muslim people who are supportive of the Jews having their own state and sovereignty over it. Take a listen to Noor Dahri, a Pakistani Muslim and founder of Pakistan-Israel Alliance, committed to promoting peaceful reconciliation between …

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Is the UN Unfair to Israel?

Did you know that, during the 2014-2015 General Sessions of the United Nations, Israel was condemned 20 times, while the rest of the world received only 3 condemnations combined?  And those statistics are normal!  Each year, the UN shows disregard for human rights violations by nations such as North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan and other nations …

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Born to Hate Jews

In most Muslim homes and schools throughout the Middle East, young Muslims are taught from the youngest of ages to hate Jews.  Here is a brief tutorial from a Pakistani who came to realize that what he was taught doesn't match reality.  Enjoy!