When Will the Rapture NOT Happen?

When will Jesus return? Many of us are very excited for that day, but no one knows the day or the hour. One thing we know for certain: Jesus will NOT come during the Feast of Trumpets 2022! How do we know? Because that day has come and gone!

Each Feast of Trumpets, some Christian groups get all excited, hoping it to be the day of the rapture. Because a trumpet will sound at the rapture (1 Corinthians 15:51-52), and because the timing of the seven major feasts of Israel indicates the Feast of Trumpets is next, Christians eager to know the timing of the rapture often are drawn to the idea that Christ will return during the Feast of Trumpets.

There are at least two major flaws in that theory:

  1. The Bible tells us no one knows the day or the hour. Since we know when the Feast of Trumpets commences each year, and because some predict that day, it pretty much eliminates His return during the Feast of Trumpets!
  2. The Feast of Trumpets is a Jewish feast, not a Christian one! The feasts were instituted for the Jewish people, and they are very Jewish in content and context. Yes, there are strong Biblical principles we can draw from those feasts, but the primary purpose (and thus, interpretation) of the feasts must be Jewish in context.

We don’t need to guess or predict that day….we simply need to be ready, as it could be ANY day! God does not live in a box, and we will never be successful in trying to put Him there! Every day is “available” as God sees fit to send His Son to redeem us for eternity! Come today, Lord!

2 thoughts on “When Will the Rapture NOT Happen?

  1. Earl Martin MD

    As much as I admire Amir I respectfully disagree with this post. Concerning his first point, Rosh Hashanah begins when 2 witnesses observe the new moon and report it to the Sanhedrin and that could occur at anytime during the 2 day period set aside for the feast so when Yeshua spoke those words it meant we cannot be sure which of the 2 days it would begin and which hour of those 2 days it commences. Secondly according to Leviticus 23 the feasts are not called Jewish feasts but the feasts of Adonai. I know that this is a minority opinion within the body of Christ and it has implications for the doctrine of the immanency of His return. I do agree with Amir that whatever day Yeshua does return we should continue to occupy and look up until He does. Maranatha!!!

    1. Thank you for your respectful comment, Earl. I appreciate sincere dialog, even when parties disagree. Iron sharpens iron!

      This is not Amir’s site, so I will not speak for him. However, Lev 23:23-25 seems to clearly indicate an exact day of the year when the feast commences: first day of the seventh month (of the Hebrew calendar). Thus, I am wondering what Biblical evidence exists to support a 2-day window for the beginning of this feast. I do not doubt that perhaps Hebrew or rabbinic tradition may advance that theory, but I don’t believe it is Biblical. Do you have references I can research?

      Your point about feasts of Adonai is well taken. Lev 23:1 references “feasts of the Lord,” which we would likely agree are the same. “Jewish feasts” is a term often used to indicate to whom the feasts were meant (Jews). Thus, “Jewish feasts,” not because the Jews ordained them (Adonai did!), but to indicate for whom the feasts were intended. According to the Hebrew language, though, I agree with you regarding what the passage states.

      Together, we will occupy and look up until His return! Maranatha!

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