Supporting Israel with American Christian Leaders for Israel

Since taking office, Joe Biden has been hell bent on re-creating a nuclear deal with Iran. The very idea of negotiating with the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism is ridiculous enough, but continuing to give up ground in negotiations is simply unforgivable. Giving Iran free reign to develop nuclear weapons is dangerous to Israel, America and the world.

To express opposition, American Christian Leaders for Israel (ACLI), representing over 60 million Americans, recently joined voices to urge Joe Biden to cease efforts in forging an agreement with Iran that would allow them to develop nuclear weapons. Thankfully, about that time, talks with Iran were suspended. We are grateful for that, but realize Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is far from over.

You can see and read the letter below, and we invite you to pray regularly that God would thwart evil schemes of the enemy, including Iranian efforts to gain nuclear capability. Your prayers matter, and standing with Israel is commanded. Thanks for standing with Israel, and thanks for praying for her safety!

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