Amir Tsarfati and Steve Yohn to Hold Q&A Regarding “By Way of Deception” (Amir’s newest book)

The long-awaited second Nir Tovar novel, By Way of Deception, was released a few days ago and has already hit #1 on Amazon’s Christian Mystery and Suspense charts. Congratulations to authors Amir Tsarfati and Steve Yohn!

The two will hold an online Q&A session tomorrow morning at 9am Pacific time to answer questions such as What is the motive for writing these books? and What’s the inspiration and logic for what’s revealed throughout the story?

Using Amir’s IDF experience and understanding of the Mosad to develop suspenseful plot lines, Amir and Steve write scenarios that seem too extreme for reality, yet seem to come to fruition before or soon after their books are released. That was the case in the first novel of the trilogy, Operation Joktan, and reportedly repeated in By Way of Deception. I have yet to finish the book, but a review will follow.

Meanwhile, join Amir and Steve tomorrow at 9am Pacific time. As with all of Amir’s online events, it will stream on Facebook and will likely be posted on Amir Tsarfati’s YouTube channel afterward.


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