My Faith Votes…How about Yours?

Christian friends, we hear it every election year: “This is the most important election of our lifetime.” Is it? I’m sure arguments can be made on both sides. Perhaps the focus is slightly off. Rather than leaning upon that adage, consider this question: What’s at stake from a Biblical perspective when it comes to this year’s election?

There are major decisions at stake in every election, but do you feel the overwhelming sense that religious liberty, the sanctity of life, clear and definite gender and identity standards, law and order, and Godly standards of morality are all “on the ballot” this year? Those, and so many more values, are under greater attack today than ever before, and we simply cannot sit on the sideline any longer.

Thus, until election day, I plan to encourage every believer to:

  1. Know and understand the candidates and propositions on your ballot.
  2. Register to vote (if you are not already registered).
  3. Vote your values.
  4. Encourage as many of your family and friends as possible to do the same.

It takes every one of us. If every Christian would vote according to Biblical values, most races would not even be close! Don’t be complacent while our world swirls into the abyss, and don’t allow your friends and neighbors to be complacent either!

Because I believe there is a clear and distinct connection between engaging civically and being about our Father’s business in these last days, I plan to encourage and exhort you with extra afternoon posts several times a week until the election. I hope you will share them with others so we can make a difference during this election. Forget “red wave.” I want a wave of Godliness…how about you?

Need a resource for this year’s elections? Check out My Faith Votes.

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