Israel Continues Multinational Military Drills

While Israel’s navy participates in Intrinsic Defender naval drills in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the vaunted Israeli Air Force is in the midst of the Iniohos 2022 aerial drills, hosted by southern Greece. In addition to Greece, pilots from the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Cyprus and Slovenia are taking part in the drills.

Additionally, several other allied countries have sent observers: Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Austria, North Macedonia, United Kingdom, India, and Croatia.

If that is not enough, additional Israeli naval units joined the US, France and Greece in Noble Dina 2022 drills hosted by Cyprus just a couple weeks ago.

It is not unusual for allied nations to join together in military drills. Israel does so several times a year. However, events seem to be running almost concurrently, if not in very close proximity of time. Make no mistake, military forces throughout the Middle East are sharpening skills, coordinating efforts and preparing for whatever action may occur in the region.

Why would military drills occur so frequently if not for “wars and rumors of wars?” While joint military exercises, in and of themselves, are not necessarily signs of anything, the fact there are so many, involving so many allied nations, certainly makes sense when we employ a Biblical worldview and understand how today’s events fit perfectly with what the Bible teaches us about the last days.

Never in the history of the world have Bible prophecies converged as they are converging today. Yes, we have seen wars…and bad ones. Yet never have we seen specific Biblically-named nations advance on Israel’s borders exactly as Ezekiel 38 describes. Yes, there has been gross immorality in almost every decade of history. Yet never have we seen such blatant attempts to legalize evil and push righteousness totally in the ditch. Yes, there have been major weather events throughout history, but never of the frequency and severity that we see now.

The good news is this: In Luke 21, we find Jesus telling His disciples of things to come in the last days, and He doesn’t leave them distraught over bad news! In fact, just the opposite! In verse 28 of that chapter, He encourages His disciples that, when these things BEGIN to happen, look up, for our redemption draws near!

We live in exciting times! As believers, we know how it all ends. Yes, there are tough times ahead, but we will not face the wrath (tribulation) that is to come. (1 Thessalonians 1:10)

So, as we see and hear of military forces training for what is ahead, we can know it is all part of God’s sovereign plan. Trust in the Lord…put your faith in Him…and live without fear!

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