URGENT: CA is Debating Whether or Not to Kill Newborn Babies! Make Your Voice Heard!

(Be sure to read the updates at the end of this post.)

This is a serious issue. CA is attempting to move beyond abortion (which itself is murder) to killing newborn babies! Yes…fully born babies! Don’t stop at “Well, that’s CA and they do crazy things there.” Friends, if it happens in CA, it will eventually happen in other states as well.

Unless and until moral people stand up and say, “Not on my watch!” immoral people will make the rules! It is time for “We the people” to take back our government. Please be involved!

Apparently, all one has to say is, “My name is _____, and I oppose AB 2223.” If you live in CA, please make the call! (Voicing opposition just prior/during the hearing is most effective. However, if you don’t see this until after the fact, figure out how to contact your representative and do so!)

I do not know what happens if a non-CA resident calls in to voice opposition. I called in, but a prior hearing is underway, so there was not a chance to voice opposition for AB2223. However, I’m calling in at 11am (Pacific) to attempt to voice my opinion.

Regardless, will you please pray. The hotline to our Creator is available to us always! Call Him up and plead mercy for babies (born and unborn), and ask the Mighty Warrior to defeat the schemes of the devil in the assembly hall of California!

UPDATE: There was a flood of opposition and testimony was limited by time. Many (including myself) did not get an opportunity to express opposition. I was encouraged by the number of people opposing. Now, pray this piece of legislation does not advance! Also, if you live in CA, it is not too late to contact your assemblyman (representative) to express opposition! Find your assemblyman and his/her contact information here.

UPDATE #2: Sadly, this bill just passed the judiciary committee and will be put before the health committee on it’s way to potential vote in the assembly. My friends, please take note, then take action:

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