The Freedom Agenda

What is the state of America during these last days?

That is a question worth considering. Globally, America is very quickly losing respect on the world’s stage, while domestically, our country brims with evil, deceit and immorality which are foisted upon us each day. According to God’s Word, a day is coming when America (and other nations) will be left powerless, or at least without interest in things pertaining to Israel and her security. That will spell doom for them all!

Have we passed the point of no return, or is there hope for America?

We don’t know! We know the Bible tells us Jesus is coming again soon, but we do not know the timing. When He comes for us (believers), the entire world will be handed over to the evil one, and America (and every other nation) will be beyond the point of return as a Godly society. However, rather than resting in our blessed assurance while the world goes to hell in a handbasket, God’s Word demands that we do business until Jesus returns! (Luke 19:13) Despite what is happening in our world, we must not cease to be about the Father’s business!

So, how do we do that?

As Christians, we engage in every aspect of life! In reality, we do not have a “spiritual” life and an “everything else” life. Our spiritual life (more accurately, our Christian worldview) is simply the foundation upon which all of life is built. Our Christian worldview must be reflected in everything we do, so that our Christianity is lived out at all times and in everyway! Of course we’re not perfect, but we live by faith in the One who saves us from our sin, and we submit to His guidance!

So, not only do we go to church as a Christian, but we also work as a Christian, play as a Christian, enjoy our hobbies as a Christian, teach as a Christian, serve as a Christian, interact with others as a Christian, spend money as a Christian, and yes, even engage in civil freedoms as a Christian! God speaks and works through us when we live out our Christian faith.

What must America do to regain respect in the world and integrity at home?

Christians must fight to uphold the very principles upon which our nation was founded. Namely, Godly principles profoundly given to our forefathers. If we are to make America Godly again, it will take all of us “doing business” in every way, including civil government!

A few days ago, Mike Pence introduced what many are calling the Republican agenda for the upcoming months and years. Frankly, though, I prefer to remove the political association and simply say it is the Christian worldview agenda! Responsible Americans of whatever political stripe, who wish to fight for our freedoms and liberties. Those who commit to do business in the civic arena!

Take a look at Mike Pence’s 4-minute Freedom Agenda and determine whether or not it matches your Christian worldview:

Find out more about The Freedom Agenda here.

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