A Plane Crash, A Sunken Ship and No Nuclear Deal: A Very Bad Day for Iran!

Following the crash of a military jet a few days ago, Iran suffered another great blow yesterday when their largest naval vessel sunk in the Persian Gulf. Additionally, news out of Vienna is that talks to restore the nuclear deal have fallen apart following news that Iran may well already have enough nuclear material for 3 bombs. They were also unable to adequately explain why large traces of uranium were detected by the IAEA near their nuclear facilities.

These developments are likely a huge embarrassment to the Iranian regime working at breakneck speed to put all things in place to wipe out Israel (the “little Satan”) and come after America (the “great Satan”). Will these setbacks deter them, or will it be even greater motivation for them to attack Israel? Ezekiel 38 might provide a clue!

Were the recent explosions at Iranian facilities and the sunken ship final parting gifts from outgoing Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen, and Benjamin Netanyahu? Israel is not saying, but the timing is interesting. The new Prime Minister will definitely have his hands full. Let’s pray the incoming liberal Israeli administration learns to stand tough with Iran.

BTW – Israel’s Defense Minister was summoned immediately to Washington DC. Will the Americans put pressure on Israel to back off and allow Iran space to operate? Hard to know, but if so, expect Israel to part ways (to some degree) with America.

Catch Amir Tsarfati’s Breaking News report from this morning:

He will also provide a scheduled Middle East Update at 10am Arizona time today (Wednesday, June 2, 2021). Tune in on his YouTube channel. (Update: Amir’s Middle East Update has been postponed until tomorrow, Thursday, June 3.)

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