How is Ezekiel 38 Setting Up?

Ok, Bible students, if you’re not familiar with Ezekiel 38, take a few moments to read it because that prophecy will be our focus today!  You will recall that the prophet Ezekiel warns of an invasion of Israel from the north.  A coalition headed by Gog of Magog, and including modern-day nations of Russia, Iran, Turkey and others, will join forces to invade Israel from the mountains in the north.  We know that area today as Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights.

Much has already been written regarding the forming of that coalition (here and here, for example), but motivation is different for each of them.  In fact, though the relationships are complicated, there is no real love lost between the Big 3 (Russia, Iran and Turkey). 

Russia’s motivation is primarily Vladimir Putin’s motivation.  Quite simply: he is power hungry, wants to be king of the world! But he needs resources to overcome the economic depression brought about by their lack of oil production.

Turkey’s President Erdogan, meanwhile, wants to reestablish the Ottoman Empire.  He, too, wants to run the world, but under Muslim dominance.  However, his economy has sunken to its deepest level ever, and Turkey is deeper in the pit than Russia.  Erdogan has worked diligently to wrest control of Syria so he can get his hands on the oil there, but he has yet to crack the US-Kurds defense of oil fields he dreams of overtaking.

Iran, though, is perhaps the most dangerous of the three.  While Russia allows Israel to operate as they need to in Syria, and as Turkey is powerless to stand up to Israel, Iran poses the biggest threat.  The ayatollahs (spiritual leaders) are in charge there, and their motive is to create chaos and destruction of Israel (the “Little Satan”) and, ultimately, the US (the “Great Satan”).  Once accomplished, Iranian clerics believe the stage will be set for the arrival of the Muslim messiah, the Mahdi.  Islam would, of course, rule the world in that scenario. 

Ezekiel 38 tells us a day will come when all three will be desperate enough to invade Israel in hopes of gaining control of the gigantic Israeli oil and gas resources in Israel and off the Mediterranean coast.  Ezekiel tells us Israel’s enemies come to steal and plunder!

So, I wonder….is God “squeezing” each of them economically and militarily to ultimately unite them in pursuit of their own individual desires?  Are they becoming so isolated from others that they have nowhere to go but into coalition with each other?  Ezekiel 38:4, 16-17 tells us clearly that God Himself will draw them down.  Could it be that our Father in Heaven is tugging at their leashes right now?

Verses 11 and 14 tell us that Israel will be at rest and living securely.  During the time Hamas was busy firing off 4,300 rockets in 11 days, it was far from restful and secure in much of Israel.  But Israel reacted with great force in an attempt to cripple Hamas so they could not continue attacking Israel.  Could it be that God used the IDF to secure peace and security?  It is too early to tell, but we know the God of Israel is working out every detail of His grand plan, and the IDF is currently a very capable weapon.  Ezekiel 38-39 teach us that, ultimately, Israel will stand all alone in the face of the northern invasion. 

But God….

Yes, the Lord Himself, who is seated at the right hand of the Father, will arise, and will fight the battle on behalf of Israel!  His fury will mount up (verse 18) and He will unleash His blazing wrath!  (See verses 19-22.)  Our God is serious, and He means business!

But, let’s close this series on this note.  Read Ezekiel 38:29, Ezekiel 39:17-18, and Ezekiel 39:21-29

  • How does the story end?
  • Who wins?
  • What does that mean for Israel?
  • What does that mean for us?

Friends, we serve a magnificent God!  Despite rebellion, walking away, shaking a fist and so many other things, God chooses to defend and make Himself known to His chosen people…and to us!  Dear believer, there is no need to fret about things.  God’s got this…and He CANNOT go wrong!

If you have not done so already, you must put your faith and trust in Him and Him alone.  Nothing else on this earth will save you.  Only the blood of Jesus Christ.  He who defends Israel will take you into the family.  Please run to Jesus today.  We are watching signs of the last days play out right in front of us, and our days on this earth are very limited.  Now is the time to find salvation in the One who gave His life that we might live.

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