Big Trouble! Hady Amr: Biden’s Policy-Maker in the Middle East

On January 20, 2021, while most were still caught up in the swirl of post-election and post-inauguration events, a key member of Biden’s foreign policy team was appointed. Under the cover of political chaos, Hady Amr, a Lebanese-born author of a “new direction” of foreign policy in the Middle East was tapped as a deputy assistant to the Secretary of State. Six days later, his boss, Anthony Blinken was confirmed as Secretary of State.

That paved the way for Amr’s “new direction” to become policy. In 2018, Amr was lead author of a Brookings Institute document entitled, “Ending Gaza’s Perpetual Crisis—A New U.S. Approach.” The policy is shocking, and in a brilliant article in Newsweek, Israeli foreign policy expert, Caroline Glick defined the policy this way:

Amr’s plan had three components. First, it effectively accepted Hamas as a legitimate actor despite the fact that it is a terrorist organization controlled by Iran. Second, it called for the PLO-controlled Palestinian Authority (PA) to unite with Hamas and gave the PA a free pass for funding and supporting terrorism against Israel and rejecting Israel’s right to exist. Finally, in regards to Israel, Amr’s report called for the U.S. to use direct and indirect means to coerce Israel into making unreciprocated concessions to both Hamas and the PA, even while admitting such concessions would endanger Israel.

~Caroline Glick, Hady Amr’s Middle East, Newsweek, May 26, 2021

Make no mistake: Despite Biden and Blinken both paying lip service to Israel’s right to defend herself, foreign policy laid out in the Brookings article tells a much different story, and indications point to that paper as the foundational document for the Biden policy toward Israel and the Middle East.

For Israeli insight, I recommend Caroline Glick’s article: Hady Amr’s Middle East.

Add to that, the left-leaning government (including Arab parties) apparently being implemented in Israel, and we could see not only American abandonment of Israel, but a Jewish state moving in a very interesting direction as well. Liberal leftists in both countries now have what they asked for.

Ironically, there was a point in time when Israel wanted what everyone else had: a king. Dissatisfied with the kingship of God Himself, the people grumbled, and God gave them what they asked for. Both Israel and America have asked for something different, and they are getting what they asked for. History tells us this may not go well.

What are you asking for today? Is King Jesus enough, or are we longing for something else? Fix your eyes on Him, believers! He is returning soon and we will meet Him in the air!

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