Netanyahu is Out. Lapid and Bennett Form New Coalition to Rule Israel

Just moments ago, at literally the 11th hour, a phone call was placed to outgoing Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to announce the formation of a coalition that is set to be sworn in as the new Israeli government in less than 2 weeks.

This marks the end of an era for an Israeli icon. Benjamin Netanyahu has served as Prime Minister for 15 years (12 of them consecutively), during which time Israel became very prosperous and a major player on the world stage. The hawkish Netanyahu has been the backbone of Israel’s strong stance against mortal threats from Iran.

Coupled with the liberal socialist US administration, the new liberal Israeli administration will face unprecedented trials as parties for the left, far-right and in between attempt to push Israel forward under leadership that veers left. Very differing views, though, are more likely to spell a short term in power for this coalition that coalesced simply to oust Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu has 12 days to make his mark, whether that is convincing coalition MK’s to defect from the coalition, or taking his best shots at crippling Iran. Regardless, the sparks are sure to fly in and around Israel during this transition time.

Be prepared, believers. Israel and the US are both on slippery slopes leading to disaster. Aren’t you glad our citizenship is in heaven…and that our Savior will come to redeem us soon? Keep looking up, believing friends. Our heavenly passports will be stamped very soon!

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