Are You Ready to Face God?

That is an important question today! As we’re traveling through our study in 1&2 Thessalonians, we are right now in the middle of Paul’s teaching about how to be ready, because we are awaiting the soon return of Jesus Christ! Paul has taught how to be ready, and tomorrow we dive right into study of the rapture…the actual return of Jesus Christ in the clouds to take us (believers in Jesus) up to be with Him forever. Please join us right here on this blog each day for that study.

Meanwhile, are you ready to face God? Amir Tsarfati addresses that in his latest Bible Bite and it ties in perfectly to our study! Enjoy:

If you like what you heard there, catch the full 15-minute teaching, on-site at the Sea of Galilee, here.

Have a blessed Sunday…and we’ll see you back here tomorrow morning to resume our study of the rapture!

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