Biden Team: Playing with Fire

Just this week, an Iranian-backed Shi’ite group rained down over a dozen rockets on an American military base in Iraq, killing a non-American civilian contractor and injuring several others, including US military members. Photos of the damage reveal blackened metal skeletons of structures, including barracks which house the US troops. See photos of the damage here.

Earlier today, another US base was targeted by rocket fire from Iranian-back militia. No casualties were reported and only minor injuries, but the Iranians are emboldened by the lack of strength of the US administration, and continued attacks on US bases is becoming very disturbing. (See a report on this attack here.)

Meanwhile, we know Iran has taken over the large T4 air force base in Syria, once occupied by Russian troops. Iran has also transferred missile launchers designed to be installed underground, but fitted with an elevator system that allows the launcher to rise above ground to launch before being lowered back underground. How long can Israel stand back and watch the Iranians develop attack capabilities right on their own border?

All this follows Iran’s announcement to the International Atomic Energy Agency (supposedly, the international watchdog of nuclear weapons) last week that they intend to install additional centrifuges at the Natanz nuclear facility, they are increasing enrichment of uranium, and they will no longer allow unannounced visits by IAEA inspectors. In essence: “Despite agreements, we are building nuclear weapons, and we won’t let anyone inspect what we’re doing!”

So, what is the American response to all of this? The Biden administration has formally reversed its position on Iran at the UN, indicating relaxation of severe sanctions place by the Trump administration and signaling a return to the horrible nuclear deal that will most definitely hand nuclear capability to the Iranians.

Biden, Blinken and the rest of the national security staff are playing with fire. After 4 year of suppression of Iranian nuclear ambition, the Biden administration is rushing to get back to negotiations with Iran. The Iranians have clearly stated their conditions of return to the table: release all sanctions and pay reparations for the “damage” done during the Trump administration. Only a leader and his staff who are fully engaged with evil would enter negotiations under those conditions.

But of course, the Biden administration has shown little of anything other than evil since his term began. An administration that will kill babies born of botched abortions will stop at nothing. Biblically speaking, we are watching one of the most ungodly and evil eras in American history. Short of God’s unfathomable mercy, our nation will find itself in a very dark place very soon.

For believers, that should trigger at least two things:

  • Pray for our nation and our leaders. Though we may adamantly disagree with them, God’s Word is clear about our obligation to pray for our leaders. (1 Timothy 2:1-2) It is okay to pray for their eyes to be opened in order to know the Lord! Pray for wisdom to prevail, and for our nation to turn back to the foundation upon which we once stood.
  • Be ready for Christ’s return! To be clear, America is not God’s time piece, but we know the evil plans Iran will involve itself in! Ezekiel 38 is very clear that Iran will join forces with Russia, Turkey and others someday soon to invade Israel from the north. Immediately north of Israel is Lebanon and Syria, two territories given over almost exclusively to Iranian-backed terrorist organizations with their sites set on Israel! We know it is coming! The Bible says so, and the evidence is right before our eyes. But as believers, hope overcomes fear! Our hope is in the promises of God, and one of those is that He will come to deliver us from the wrath that is to come (the tribulation).

Please join us in our current study of 1&2 Thessalonians, where we are receiving great instruction and strong encouragement from the apostle Paul, as he exhorted the Thessalonians to draw upon the confident expectation of the return of Jesus! All lessons are right here on this blog…just join us each morning! Coming up on Monday, we dive right into the rapture! See you then!

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