Do You Know These Places?

Happy Lord's Day! Take a look at these amazing places in Israel. Can you identify them? Go to Israel with us and we'll show you each one. We just announced our 2023 tour, which will launch February 17, 2023. Check out EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR 2023 for more info.

Favorite Sights around the Sea of Galilee

Today's array of sights are crowd favorites! Ok...yes, there are many "favorites," all for different reasons, but today's tour stops often strike deep cords, and are also the backdrop of many New Testament teachings. Today's sights paint pictures in the minds of those who see them, and they become vivid again and again back home …

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Galilee: Jesus’ Stomping Grounds!

Bible students and tour friends, we visited Nazareth, where Jesus grew up as a young man, learning from his father, Joseph, how to be a tradesman. Perhaps you think Jesus learned to be a carpenter under the tutelage of His dad, but you might be surprised to know He likely worked with stone more than …

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7 Days in the Holy Land: Day 3 – Sea of Galilee

Happy Lord's Day, dear friends! We are tagging along with Franklin Graham and his daughter, Cissie, as they tour Israel. Today, they are at the Sea of Galilee. (I you missed the first two days, your will find them here: Day 1, Day 2.) Storms rise very quickly on the Sea of Galilee, just as …

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