Iran on a Fast Track to Nuclear Weapons…Thanks to America

The news out of Washington regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions continues to become more and more ominous. Headlines like this are seen in newspapers around the world this week:

The disastrous nuclear deal of 2015, which included billions of American dollars in cash to the Iranians, made America a laughing stock. All sanctions against Iran were lifted and they were free to go about their business, secretly inching toward a nuclear weapon. When Donald Trump took office in January, 2017, he immediately set his sight on how to contain the rogue Iranian regime. By 2018, Trump pulled America out of the deal and slapped crippling sanctions on Iran. Furthermore, throughout his administration, Trump kept tight reigns on the top military and scientific leaders behind Iran’s nuclear ambition. Between Israel and the US, several were taken out as the mantra “Death to Israel, death to America” continued. During his administration, Iran could do little more than squeak.

Today, they are roaring, sensing their long “time out” is over and they can charge full steam ahead with nuclear ambitions. In America, there is a different sheriff in town. Unfortunately, it is Barney Fife. The Biden administration, even before taking office, began backdoor negotiations with Iranian leaders to lay the groundwork for “a new deal” they vow will be better. Oh really!?! What kind of deal do you negotiate with leaders who blatantly tell the world they want to destroy you! What kind of deal do you make with a nation who, though the 2015 deal very greatly benefited them, did not abide by those terms for even a day? What deal could be better than simply keeping economic pressure on Iran so they remain tamped down, unable to do business and unable to quickly finish their nuclear project. The objective for Israel and America was to stay out of conflict with Iran, by putting maximum pressure on them in order to keep the mice in their holes.

Today comes this news from an Israeli newspaper, via Amir Tsarfati’s Telegram account:

Contrary to the nuclear deal: An internal document circulated this morning (Tuesday) to members of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s organization confirms that the Islamic Republic is moving towards developing its nuclear project and operating advanced centrifuges, in contrast to an agreement it signed with the powers in 2015.

“The centrifuges make it possible to enrich uranium in larger quantities and faster and faster. These are second-generation centrifuges,” a source involved in details confirmed to “Israel Today.” The internal document with the date “February 1, 2021”, reached the “Israel Today” editorial board in part. The document is divided among 35 members of the “Governors’ Committee” of the international organization.

“The agency confirms that Iran has begun supplying six-fluoride uranium. That is, Iran has so far operated a total of 60 first-generation centrifuges, 148 second-generation centrifuges and enriches uranium up to a 4.5 percent level,” the document said.
The report comes amid talks between the United States and its allies in an effort to reach a new nuclear deal with Iran. However, the document is further proof that the Islamic Republic is blatantly violating the agreement it signed. The new administration in the United States under President Joe Biden has shown a willingness to return to the agreement, an agreement that his predecessor Donald Trump left in 2018.


Israel’s leaders understand the gravity of the situation. In a statement just last week, Israeli Military Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi, announced that the IDF is “refreshing its operational plans against Iran and that any U.S. return to a 2015 nuclear accord with Tehran would be “wrong.”” He went on to say:

“A return to the 2015 nuclear agreement [which Biden plans to do], or even if it is a similar accord with several improvements, is bad and wrong from an operational and strategic point of view. …In light of this fundamental analysis [Iran’s increased efforts to produce nuclear weapons], I have instructed the Israel Defense Forces to prepare a number of operational plans, in addition to those already in place.”

~Reuters, Israel’s top general says its military is refreshing operational plans against Iran, accessed 2/2/2021

Israel knows they will stand alone, and they are preparing to do what they must do to defend their country.

Folks, this is Bible prophecy happening right before us. In the days to come we will look at Ezekiel’s prophecy, warning Israel of a coming invasion involving Russia, Iran and Turkey, among others. For years we have watched the stage being set, as Russia colludes with Iran, Turkey’s ambition for power rises, and Israel comes into possession of what powers in Russia and the Middle East long for: vast supplies of oil and gas. Stay tuned…our discussion is coming in the next few days.

As never before, we see signs of the times aligning with Bible prophecy. True, God is God and He could throw up a huge stop sign and change the direction of all we are seeing. That is certainly within His power. However, short of that, it appears we rush headlong into the invasion of Israel that Ezekiel warned us about.

Believers, these are exciting days. No, not from an earthly human perspective. It is horrible news in that regard. But, for those of us who truly put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, He tells us He has gone to prepare a place for us and will soon return to take us there. He says clearly, “Do not let your heart be troubled!” (John 14:1-3) We have a Hope that supersedes all we see and experience on this earth. Walk boldly, friends! Our Savior is mighty to save and He is faithful.

Check back tomorrow as we continue our journey through America, Israel and the Church! See you then!

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