Someone is Lying!

Welcome back, friends! If you are following America, Israel and the Church, you read yesterday’s and this morning’s posts regarding deception and delusion. We focused on false Christs, false teachers and false prophets, which have religious overtones and apply primarily to the church. However, there are other groups, sometimes cult-like, whose ideologies push agendas wrapped in a facade of morality and/or decency.

Might the extended community of government, medical and social experts tasked (rightly or wrongly) with managing the COVID-19 situation be an example? Let’s not jump to conclusions, but there is a cult-like cluster in the Biden administration, pressing intently for vaccinations. It appears a mandate could be in our future. Is the New World Order “cult” behind the push, and is there intent to destroy America and our values.

We have all watched the news or heard reports about the urgency of “getting vaccines in the arms of every American” as soon as possible. Biden’s team is backed by medical professionals and organizations such as Anthony Fauci, the CDC and the WHO, all of whom have provided questionable guidance. Is it a tactic to control Americans and deny us of freedoms we have long held dear? Is there an effort afoot to press the not-so-hidden idea that somehow it is better for government to just tell us what to do? Is it possible to simply depend upon Uncle Sam to do what’s best, provide for us (rather than allowing us to work and make a living), and condition us to go along with whatever they tell us to do? It is too early to accurately discern motives and actions, but if that is our plight, then we are seeing the beginning of socialism and the foundation of a New World Order.

The mantra is this: the virus will not be contained until the vaccine is well-distributed. It is ultra important that everyone gets the vaccine, in the order in which the government decides. They point to troves of evidence indicating vaccines are essential to the health of our nation (and the world).

On the other hand, there are many healthcare workers refusing to take the vaccine, and another group of physicians outlining the dangers of it. They have the same medical training as those on the opposite side of the issue, and they too point to troves of evidence suggesting not only that vaccines are not essential, but they could even be dangerous. Thus, there is a problem: both sides cannot be right, is one side or the other lying to us? My guess is there is a degree of truth and reality in each position, yet each has an agenda to push, so might they both be pushing agendas that are slightly less than truthful? Are both lying to us, to some degree?

Deception is not always easy to discern, so we must be vigilant.

The point here is not to argue whether or not one should take the vaccine. That is a personal choice and everyone should decide for themselves….and therein lies the issue! This is NOT a medical issue. It is a human rights issue! Should we, or should we not, be forced to take a vaccine? This is where discernment is critical.

To make matters more complicated, what is being touted as a “vaccine,” is really not a vaccine at all! It has not received FDA approval as a certified vaccine. It has simply been granted emergency status as an experimental biological agent! Yet, many physicians and the media are calling it a vaccine.

So, the question is this: should the government, company CEO’s (such as the airlines who could prohibit us from travel), or globalist voices be able to force Americans, against our will, to take the experimental biological agent? No!

Speaking personally, let me be clear: if a person wants to take the shot, go for it! There is value in believing a treatment is helpful or makes one feel more protected from the virus, and there is nothing wrong with that. Right now, though, sufficient evidence is lacking to determine whether it does or does not do what is intended. Every person has a right to exercise their desire to be vaccinated, and I am not “anti-vaccine.” But I am staunchly opposed to mandates requiring people to take any medication or treatment against their will, particularly while the jury is still out on its effectiveness and potential side effects. Indeed, our Constitution grants us freedoms as individuals that our government, big corporations or socialist advocates should not be able to override. Yet, we could see that happen.

For that reason, I have done substantial research into a group called America’s Frontline Doctors (White Paper here), who have also done true scientific and medical research into the whole COVID-19 situation. Among their initiatives is a petition to stop medical discrimination (including forced vaccines). Whether or not you choose to take vaccine is your business…and it is okay if you do! Remember, this is not an “anti-vaccine” issue, it is a human right issue: each American should have the choice whether or not to take the vaccine!

If you believe every American should retain the choice regarding experimental biological agents (sometimes called “vaccines”), please take 15 seconds to sign the petition AFLDS will use to lobby against forced vaccines:

Indeed, deception is happening on one side or both, and we don’t know which! We have heard Fauci, the CDC, the WHO and other experts tell us what to believe about the virus. Below is a video of another perspective. I encourage you to be educated on the issue and make up your own mind!

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