World Events Continue to Spin!

It is a busy news day! We’re in the middle of two posts talking about lies, deception and delusion…and there is much of that going on. Our liberal government is stretching policy, and the Middle East is beginning to boil again. Stay tuned over the next few days, as the focus of our Bible study, America, Israel and the Church, will shift to the Middle East soon.

For now, though, I want to catch you up on some recent and current happenings around the world and tie them into our study.

First, we continue to see the Biden White House go totally anti-Christian. Here are two despicable headlines:, accessed 2/1/2021

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a person sows, this he will also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will reap destruction from the flesh, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap eternal life from the Spirit. 

~Galatians 6:7-8

Meanwhile, Biden’s National Security team wants to move quickly to rejoin the Iran deal, despite the Secretary of State’s acknowledgement that Iran is only weeks away from having what it needs to produce nuclear weapons, and that new US envoy to Iran (Robert Malley) is described as soft on Tehran, hard on Jerusalem. (See left-wing Jerusalem Post article.) Hastening the day!

Over the weekend, tensions continued to rise as Israeli Air Force attacked Iranian targets on the Syrian-Iraqi border, known to be a crossing where Iranian equipment and weaponry enter Syria. Then today, and Israeli TV station reported a foiled Iranian attempt to attack an Israeli embassy in Africa, in retaliation for the killing of Iranian terror mastermind, Qassam Soleimani.

There is unrest and violence in Brussels (knife attacks at a train station) and France (severed head in a box, thrown into a city street), and the US is “re-examining” its relations with Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The world is in turmoil, and the worse it gets, the more people will begin to look for one who will bring peace. Unfortunately, instead of looking to Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace, many will look to another: the Antichrist. These conditions are setting the stage for the grand entrance of he who will promise peace, but will, instead, require the world to bow down and worship him. We have spent time in 2 Thessalonians 2 throughout the past few weeks, but take another look at verses 1-12 (particularly verse 4) and put this into context of all we have discussed! This is the rise of the Antichrist.

The Bible is more accurate than today’s newspaper! Thankfully, the very same One who spoke those things through the mouths of prophets and the pens of scribes is He who died for us, to save us from sin, and is returning soon to rescue us from the time of wrath that is to come!

For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, 10 who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep, we will live together with Him. 11 Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, just as you also are doing.

~1 Thessalonians 5:9-11

I’m not looking for the Antichrist…I’m looking for Jesus Christ! Be encouraged…it is He who will redeem us from this mess!

Meet you right back here tomorrow!

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