Doing Business Until Jesus Returns

The Bible is filled with parables in which Jesus teaches Spiritual principles, using physical props to make those principles come to life. He did that very thing in Luke 19:11-27 by illustrating the importance of being good stewards of the Master’s resources (“do business,” “invest”) until the Master returns.

Doing the Lord’s business as we await His return takes many different forms, but it follows a pattern. In the Luke 19 parable, each servant was given part of the nobleman’s resources and told to “do business/invest” until he returned. Likewise, our Lord gives each of us different responsibilities, and we are to invest His resources. I love the King James Version that demands that we “occupy” until He comes! Hold your territory!

Writing, sharing and teaching truth is a passion of mine, given by the Lord as I steward His resources. Among my passions are Israel, the Jewish roots of our Christian faith, and prophecy, so this blog is dedicated to that. Growing up, understanding our government and how it works was a passion as well, and has remained so. These days, my adolescent passion converges with my adult ones! What is currently happening in our country is very relevant to Bible prophecy and end times. So, I choose to do business with the Master’s resources by understanding what’s happening and fighting for righteousness in these last days!

God’s greatest resource to America is its Judeo-Christian foundation. As a passionate patriot, not only do I want our Constitutional Republic to stand, but I want America to continue being the largest exporter of missionaries, humanitarian outreach and support for Israel until the Master returns! Religious freedom in America is a crucial investment we must protect! Likewise, standing strong with Israel is imperative, and we can’t do that if our Constitutional Republic collapses. It is a resource with which we do business!

For me, part of the Master’s mandate to do business is to fight for our Constitutional Republic. (It may be different for you.) Thus, I want to encourage you with these thoughts, ideas and truths:

First, and most importantly, King Jesus will always sit on the throne no matter who sits in the White House! Our Bible tells us that Jesus reigns forever and ever…and that includes now! However, while we’re on this earth, we have work to do!

Secondly, for those who are disheartened regarding election outcomes: DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING THE MEDIA TELLS YOU! Let’s just state it straight up: the globalist agenda is that of a New World Order, and an economic “reset.” The Bible describes that very thing when Revelation 12, 17-18 and other passages foretell the tribulation! The rise of Mystery Babylon…the false religious system coupled with the false governmental system…will end in collapse.

Thirdly, if election reform doesn’t happen, we can expect America to go right down the tubes very quickly. There is much to know about what happened here in Arizona, in other swing states, and across the country. I have working knowledge of our state and federal Constitutions and I communicate regularly with my state and federal representatives. In Arizona (and most states), State Senate and House hearings are open to the public (virtually right now), and I attended Judiciary and Intelligence hearings here in Arizona. Likewise, I have studied court filings and investigations in other states as well.

Here is what I know:

  • There is absolutely no doubt the November election was grossly fraudulent, not only in Arizona, but in other states as well. (Likely even more so than just the swing states.)
  • Beyond that, there is very significant evidence of tampering and collusion with foreign entities and nations all the way back to at least 1999. Because President Trump anticipated potential collusion with foreign nations, he signed an Executive Order in 2018 to remedy the situation, should collusion interfere with an election. (The 45-day deadline to enact that EO is coming quickly.)
  • Issues with Dominion voting machines have been declared by Democrats and Republicans alike for well over a decade. This is not a new problem and it isn’t a secret problem. It was simply more pronounced this year, likely because no one anticipated the tsunami of Trump votes that wrecked the algorithms meant to insure a Biden victory. Strong evidence has surfaced to indicate that, when machines were simultaneously shutdown in multiple states, huge ballot dumps “coincidentally” nullified huge Trump leads.
  • Despite what the media says (or doesn’t say!), there is overwhelming evidence of fraud. Sidney Powell’s court filings are public record, so just take a quick look at one of the filed actions and you will find pages and pages of expert testimony from high level security experts detailing what they found. (Sidney Powell’s court filings.)
  • Though most states have been very resistant to allow forensic investigations of actual voting machines, one county in Michigan allowed it, and the report is astounding! The key take away is the 68% error rate, despite the state standard being less than .008%! (Here is an interview with the attorney who produced that forensic report.)
  • The AZ Senate Judiciary entertained testimony from the Arizona AG’s Election Integrity Unit who testified they did everything correctly regarding the voting machines. Indeed, if their testimony is accurate, perhaps they did things correctly, according to instructions. However, what they could not defend were questions from Senators regarding security of the hardware and software, which would allow tampering with data. There were also significant challenges to non-machine issues, such as voter registration and identity, and adjudication of ballots.
  • Following that hearing, Eddie Farnsworth (Chairman of the Judiciary Committee) issued two subpoenas for images from the voting machines in Maricopa County, to be delivered by December 18 to the State Judiciary Committee. I’m keeping my eye on that and have communicated with members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to release those images.
  • During the Judiciary hearing, the Arizona Democratic electors met to sign and submit electoral votes to the US Congress. Indeed (as expected), they submitted votes for Joe Biden, per the election results as they stand today. However, a second set of Republican electors met and also submitted electoral votes for President Trump. Every news outlet labels them “fake,” but that will be a decision that must be made either by a court or by the president of the Senate when he officially receives the votes and counts them on January 6. Who is president of the Senate? Vice President Mike Pence.
  • Our founding fathers were brilliant! They accurately predicted that, within a Constitutional Republic, a great opportunity for dishonesty exists. After all, a Constitutional Republic only works if the nation is self-governed, where the power belongs to the people not to elected officials. Thus, ultimately the people have the power to force the issue.
    • In 1876, this was put to the test when, again, the same party tried to illegally influence elections by tampering with how people voted. For example, illiterate people were handed a “ballot” with pictures to determine which candidate the voter wished to cast a vote…only the names did not match the pictures. Other nefarious ploys were instigated and deemed fraudulent (or at least inappropriate), and the election was handed over to Congress. The House of Representatives (elected by the people, as they are today) ultimately determined the election was compromised, and named Republican, Rutherford B Hayes, the rightful President.
    • Because of our forefathers’ ingenious wisdom in writing our Constitution (Article II, if you want to look it up), there is a simple, legal method by which an unverifiable election can actually be decided by the House of Representatives, who have one vote per state. (30 states currently have a Republican majority.)

These are only a few of the tidbits, and the election is far from over. The Trump legal team is attempting to use both the court system and state legislatures (who Constitutionally hold the authority for elections) to present evidence and press for investigations to ensure a clean and fair election. To date, judges in only a couple of minor cases (such as the one that allowed the voting machines in Michigan to be investigated) have agreed to hear cases. Republican representatives have agreed to various hearings (including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona), so evidence has gotten out, which is driving forward hearings such as the Judiciary Hearing in Arizona.

There is a long road ahead, and unless the Supreme Court agrees to hear a significant case, the efforts may or may not be enough. Likewise, whether or not alternate electoral votes are enough to cause a legal challenge is still to be determined. Anyone with moral aptitude would like the evidence to be examined to determine if the election was clean and fair. If so, and if Joe Biden won the most electoral votes fairly, then so be it. We would live with that without burning down cities! However, if the election was not clean and fair, it should be rectified. Whether or not we will reach that goal certainly remains to be seen, but the fight continues.

Now, we come full circle: as believers, we are to do business…we are to fight for what is right and righteous…we are to steward the country and the Constitution that God gave us. I will not stop fighting. “We the people” have a voice, and “we the people” truly have the power. Thus, “we the people” must fight for what is right and righteous in our country. To let it go potentially means the end of religious freedom, the end of sanctity of life, the end of law and order, and the end of America’s strong stance with Israel.

Some disagree with me and that’s okay. Personally, though, I am not willing to lose that battle by doing nothing!

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