More Truth about the Elections…More Encouragement to Be about the Father’s Business!

Hi friends! We have talked quite a bit about US elections over the past couple months? Why, on this website dedicated to Israel, Christian-Jewish relations, and Bible prophecy? Because what we see in America is foundational to what Bible prophecy warns of in the last days, and because America is Israel’s greatest ally at the moment.

What are we seeing in America? A dramatic rise in lawlessness. 2 Thessalonians 2 tells us about that, and how the “man of lawlessness” will arise in the last days. That man is the Antichrist, and though he will not rise from America, the Holy Spirit indwelling believers in our nation (and around the world) is certainly standing in the way! The battle in America is not about Trump vs Biden. It is about good vs evil.

Ultimately, America will be in no position to stand with Israel. The Bible is clear that Israel will stand alone. However, for as long as our Heavenly Father sees fit to leave us on this earth, we MUST be about the Father’s business…fighting for righteousness, and living it out. While we do that, we stand strong with Israel! THAT is why what is going on in America is being discussed on this blog.

Yesterday, having shared things I know about election fraud and Constitutional pathways to resolving this election, I took some time to watch Amir Tsarfati’s Middle East Update which aired yesterday afternoon. In it, he shared many of the same things and went even deeper into why it is important to take a stand. It was a very intriguing and informative update, and I want you to see it. Enjoy!

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