A Special Testimony from Gospel Billboards in Nazareth

Several days ago I shared about a special outreach by Home of Jesus the King Church in Nazareth Israel. That dear congregation reaches out continually to Arabs, Jews and others in the now Arab-dominate city of Jesus’ childhood. This year they invested in purchasing space on three large billboards to proclaim that Jesus is the reason for the season. Take a look at their billboards in Arabic, Hebrew and English here.

Well, I just heard from my friend, Pastor Saleem Shalash, who shepherds that precious congregation, and he shared a wonderful testimony:

As you know, we've been conducting a very important outreach project on the advertising big-screens of Nazareth by broadcasting the true meaning of Christmas and proclaiming the salvation that is found in Jesus Christ alone.

I was contacted by the owner of the company, H&D Star Media, that owns and manages the advertising big screens in Nazareth. He shared with me that the work we do at Home of Jesus the King Church and our advertising campaign have really touched his heart, and made him realize that Jesus is alive and that there is true hope for the people of Nazareth.

We had already paid to run our advertising campaign on three of his big-screens, through the generosity of our partners, but now he expressed his desire to also be a part of what we're doing to place the focus of Christmas on Jesus as the Reason for the Season. As a result he offered us a fourth big-screen to run our ad on—free of charge! And this big-screen is positioned right in front of the world-famous Church of the Annunciation!

This church receives multitudes of Christian, Jewish, Arab, and Muslim visitors, and as a result many people from all walks of life will get to see our advertisement that "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."
Please watch the short clip below to see our ad running in this very strategic position due to the generosity of a heart that was touched by God. Hallelujah!

Friends, the Lord is at work in Nazareth and throughout Israel, revealing Himself, and using pastors and congregations who love Him to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Praise God for the man who chose to multiply the message by providing another screen in a very popular spot. May the message of Jesus Christ reach into the hearts and minds of Arabs, Jews, and others who view the truth being shared on those big billboards!

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