Look What’s Showing up on the Streets of Nazareth this Christmas!

Hi friends! If you have been to Israel with me, you have probably met Pastor Saleem Shalash and his congregation at Home of Jesus the King Church in Nazareth. If you know Pastor Saleem, you know the Holy Spirit has gotten hold of that beloved Arab brother!

Home of Jesus the King Church is a predominately Arab congregation, situated in the heart of Muslim-dominated Nazareth. But Nazareth has pockets of Jewish families as well. Thus, JTK is positioned perfectly to be the hands and feet of Jesus as they reach out to Jews and Arabs alike with humanitarian assistance such as food and clothing to the needy.

But that’s not all! They also reach out very boldly and consistently with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They long for none to perish without knowing the saving grace of Jesus!

So, look what’s happening in Nazareth this Christmas season:

On three gigantic screens at important intersections in Nazareth, Home of JTK will post these Christmas messages:

Is that awesome or what!!! They are openly and bolding proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ in the middle of an Arab city in Israel! What love! Try telling me God is not moving and shaking through Pastor Saleem and his congregation! I’ll tell you you’re crazy!

Want to invest in the lives of Jews and Arabs right there in Jesus’ boyhood hometown? It costs 4000 NIS (~$1,200) per screen to share the good news in this way. Through messaging and follow up, some will meet Jesus the Messiah for the first time! Why not invest in the Kingdom? Be a tool the Lord uses to save those He loves! Click here to play a part in the harvest!

Also, check out JTK’s latest newsletter to find out more about the impact they have! To God be the glory…in Jesus’s boyhood hometown!

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