The Role of Trump and America in the Clash of Worldviews

Only a couple days ago I shared some personal thoughts about our country and our President. (See America on the Brink, Christians at a Crossroad) Many are thinking the same thing.

So, today I defer to Amir Tsarfati, whose roots in Bible prophecy run deep, and whose steadfastness in encouraging us to be fully about our Father’s business until Jesus returns is well-warranted. His commentary on the events in our nation and the impact to the world is very insightful. Sit back, relax, and be encouraged and emboldened by this message!

Praise God…one day soon our Lord will come to take us out of here. But until then, we’ve got work to do!

PS: Check back tomorrow when we’ll talk more about the work we have to do! We’ll look at what it means to be about our Father’s business, and what that looks like in light of all that is happening with the election! There will be lots of news regarding investigations, etc. See you tomorrow!

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