The Spirit and the Bride say “Come!”

Who doesn’t believe that Jesus will soon come in all His glory!  Well sadly, many do not believe.  However, unbelief will not keep King Jesus from coming to take His seat on the throne!

World events over the past few days and weeks have once again brought us to a threshold of seeking His return.  As believers, we often exclaim, “Maranatha!  Lord come quickly!”  Jesus says this in Revelation 22:12-13, 17:

“Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end… The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”

Indeed, the the bride of Christ (the body of believers) joins the Spirit of God in saying, “Come!”  That’s worth songs of worship and praise!  Enjoy!

Globalism on the Rise

I hope you are enjoying our mini-series on “Signs of the Times.”  We began by looking at Israel’s re-birth, and yesterday we discussed the rise of the revised Roman Empire.  That flows right into the discussion of today: increasing globalism.

Yesterday we talked about a beast (the antichrist) that will rise and unite the world with his promise of peace.  Indeed, he will seemingly bring the entire world together…for a short while.  How will he do it?  By creating One World Government and One World Religion.  You have heard these terms, but let’s make careful assessment of them, in light of what we see in our world today, and in light of what the Bible, particularly Revelation 17-18, tells us.  Revelation 17 describes a harlot sitting on a scarlet beast (verse 3), which refers to the antichrist who will come to establish a new religious system that the whole world will buy into.  (Read Revelation 17: The Woman on the Beast for details.)  Religion will become “global” and it will ultimately lead to the worship of one person: the antichrist.

In today’s world, we are seeing the stage being set.  The pope and other religious figures are promoting the idea that we all worship the same god, so let’s all just get along.  In addition, there are rallying cries around issues, such as global warming, that are meant to draw everyone together “for a common cause” and for the “common good” of all mankind.  Nations are being deceived…churches are being deceived…Christians are being deceived.  Many are drawn into the idea of One World Religion.

Revelation 18 follows with the fall of Babylon, representing the One World Government established by the antichrist.  Scholars differ as to whether Babylon is an actual place or a political system.  Regardless, it is Satan’s domain, ruled by the antichrist, and will it fall.  (Read Revelation 18: Babylon is Fallen for details.)

But again, let’s consider what we see today.  Not only do we see organizations such as the United Nations directing global affairs, but we also see groups of nations (such as the European Union) joining together to form one common government between them.  They wish to have one set of laws, one currency, one leader, etc.  In other words, they wish to “globalize.”  We have recently discussed Emmanuel Macron, the young leader of France who is positioning himself to become the leader of the European Union (and beyond).

Given the setting, his ambition of becoming the “savior” of Europe, and the following he is gathering, we certainly see markings of an antichrist-like figure.  Just last weekend he spoke appeasingly to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, likening anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism (which it is!)  Macron is not necessarily “the” antichrist, but is a prototype which models the real antichrist.

Globalization is a sign of the times.  It is happening before our eyes and reminds us to be ready, as the One True Savior, Jesus Christ, could return at any time!

PS: Amir Tsarfati has two great teachings on One World Religion and One World Government.  I highly recommend those resources for any serious Bible student interested in Bible prophecy.

Rise of the Revived Roman Empire

Welcome back, fellow Bible students!  We’ve just begun a mini-series on “Signs of the Times,” where we’re taking a look at a few world events that not only validate end time prophecies, but are also occurring in our lifetimes.  Yesterday’s thoughts focused on the first sign of the times:  the re-birth and re-gathering of the Jewish people to their homeland.  It is a very clear sign of the end times.

Another clear sign is the rise of the revived Roman Empire.  Now, what in the world does that mean?  Well, pull up a chair and join our circle as we discuss today’s world through a Scriptural lens.

Let’s begin with the prophet Daniel.  In Daniel 2 and 7 (as well as in Revelation 13 and 17), we are told that the Roman Empire will be revived, and that a leader will rise to rule with an iron fist (Daniel 7:7, 24-25).  We won’t take the time today to fully discuss Daniel’s dream that culminated with the vision of the revised Roman Empire, but you will find a study of it in God’s Plan for the Gentiles.

For now, though, suffice it to say that today’s European Union is taking on characteristics of the 10-nation confederation that will become the revised Roman Empire.  True, there are currently 28 nations in the European Union, but this group could very well consolidate to produce the group of ten referred to in Daniel’s vision.  We’re not “there” yet, but the signs are pointing in that direction!

From that revised Roman Empire will rise the antichrist…or as Revelation 17 puts it: the beast.  He will unite the world with his promises of peace, and will even strike a peace deal with Israel to allow them to build their Temple once again on Temple Mount.

Consolidating those nations and leaders will not be an easy task.  It will be like mixing iron and clay (as Daniel 2:42-43 describes it), representing the various strengths and weaknesses of the EU.  While possessing strong political clout, differences in economic theory, culture and language will present challenges.

Through Daniel the prophet, God provided yet another clear sign of end times!  My friends, God’s Word has never been proven wrong!  We can trust it.  And if we are seeking His wisdom and insight, we can know and understand the signs He makes known to us!

Blessings to all!  Come back tomorrow when we gaze upon another sign: globalization.

Longing for Zion

Image result for psalm 84:1

Oh, the Lord’s timing is incredible!  I want to extend our brief study on the City of David one more day because, literally, just yesterday I received an email from ICEJ containing a recent article regarding the longing for Zion.

If you have followed the past two days, you know that Zion is another name for the City of David.  You also know that ancient Jerusalem was not within today’s Old City, but was actually down the hill to the south.  Ancient Jerusalem was the City of David and the people longed to be in the courts of the Lord!

That feeds right into the article I want to share today!  Take two minutes to discover the Jubilee Years God has used to cause Jerusalem to rise, and why Jewish people throughout history have longed for Jerusalem!

Longing for Zion

One final note:  “Jerusalem” in English is “Yerushalayim” in Hebrew.  When you see a Hebrew word ending in “-im,” you know it is plural.  So, what can we draw from that?  Are there two Jerusalems…one in the City of David and one in the current Old City?  Yes…and no!  Indeed, there are two Jerusalems, but I don’t believe the plurality refers to ancient Jerusalem and modern-day Jerusalem.

I believe it refers to the earthly Jerusalem and the heavenly Jerusalem!  Revelation 21:1-2 describes a new heaven and a new earth, and the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God.  That city is being prepared for those of us who will spend eternity with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

A new Jerusalem…a new Zion!  I long for Zion, too.  Don’t you?

Have a blessed Lord’s Day!