Middle East Asks a lot of Joe Biden!

Now that Joe Biden and the liberal media have taken it upon themselves to tap Biden as President-elect (technically, he is not), the mice are coming out of their holes in the Middle East!

So convinced that Biden will prevail, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif hot-footed it to Venezuela a couple days after the election. Keep in mind, this is the same guy who laughed in Obama’s face after signing the Iranian nuclear deal, then turned around and accepted the $150B the Obama administration seeded to Iran to launch terror all over the world.

What was he doing in Venezuela? If you know their history, you know Venezuela was once a strong democracy with a strong economy. They stood tall on the world stage before turning Socialist. Today, they are in bed with the Iranians, and one of the few countries willing to do business with them. That is why Iranian officials hustled to the South American nation. Due to US sanctions, anyone who does business with Iran is banned from business with the US. Yet Venezuela is willing to take that chance. Only those with evil intent deal with rogue regimes bent on the same.

It was in Venezuela that Zarif announced:

“Today, the United States and its allies can’t control what’s happening in the world. They’ve lost control.”

It’s obvious he knows Biden is not capable, nor is he willing, to keep the Iranian regime out of the nuclear business.

If that’s not enough, the Persian regime is also demanding a US apology and reparations for damages done by the stringent sanctions placed upon them by President Trump. If Biden is president and follows the ways of his White House mate in 2008 and 2012, he will capitulate! God help us, and God help Israel, if that occurs.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, the Palestinians are making demands of their own! They insist that Biden return the American embassy to Tel Aviv and reignite negotiations aimed at taking over Israeli territory. However, the invitation doesn’t seem to include negotiations with Israel herself, but negotiations solely with an American administration who will allow them to unilaterally do whatever they want in Israel! Again, God help Israel (and He will!) if that becomes reality!

Friends, if you think this election does not have worldwide impact, think again! This is only a taste of what is happening right now in the Middle East, as all the bad players are gleefully setting the stage for a Biden administration who will cater to their every whim!

Not to mention China! Anyone with half a brain suspects Biden’s ties to China are much deeper than anyone knew. If ever Hunter Biden’s laptop and the rest of that scenario comes to light, I’m afraid we will find Joe Biden living in the shirt pocket of Xi Jinping, China’s dictatorial president.

Why is it that evil throws a party when it appears Joe Biden has won the White House? That should tell us something! It should also cause us to pray for the Trump administration and his legal team. If there are no improprieties in this election, then Joe Biden deserves to be president, and the American people deserve who we have elected.

However, if there are impropieties, I pray they are exposed, for the sake of America’s constitutional republic and her citizens. Please continue to do battle on your knees. We fight not agains flesh and blood. (Joe Biden is not the enemy!) Our struggle is against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)

Battle on, prayer warriors!

PS: I’m praying about and working on two posts that may go live tomorrow and Saturday to provide some insight into where America and the world are headed. You will see roots of lawlessness, false messiahs, the quest by a few to gain control of the world, and many other characterizations of what the Bible calls “mystery Babylon,” (the rise and fall of One World Order). Lord willing, those will appear tomorrow and Saturday. See you then!

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