Save the Dates: Daily Election Countdown Prayer Meetings

No election in American history has been more crucial than this one. We are literally choosing between:

  • Religious freedom vs captivity to humanism
  • Law and order vs lawlessness andd anarchy
  • Sanctity of life vs killing another million babies
  • Leaning to the side of God’s blessings vs His curse
  • Standing strong with Israel vs watching our nation crumble to nothingness
  • Land of the free vs a nation in slavery
  • Capitalism vs socialism
  • Good vs evil

Friends, if you are a Christian, you cannot vote for a political party or candidate that promotes abortion and lawlessness, while at the same time upholding Biblical principles. You cannot love that which God hates, and hate that which God loves, and be consistent with what the Bible teaches.

I’m likely “preaching to the choir,” though, so how do we impact our nation beyond voting our Biblical values? We turn to the One who appoints leaders and puts them in place. (Romans 13:1) We can plead with the sovereign God of the Universe to appoint leaders committed to Godly leadership, and to pour out His mercy once again while leading us into righteousness.

That is how we will pray during the Election Countdown Prayer Meeting. It is a daily Zoom meeting at 10am Pacific time from October 26 – November 2 and is led by Amir Tsarfati and the Behold Israel staff. Here is the info:

10:00 AM PDT

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 961 3514 9236

Get involved and pray our nation to victory!

PS: What happens in the American election will impact the entire world, so I encourage my friends around the world to join us in prayer.

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