Voting: A Christian Responsibility

Hi friends! I’m proud to say I cast my ballot today!

In 2016, 40 MILLION Christians neglected that civic duty. Let’s flip that statistic this year!

Did you know the vast majority of people on earth do not have the privilege of selecting their leader? Many countries live under monarchies (a succeession of kings/queens), dictatorships (power taken by force) or olegarchies (a small group of people control the rest). There are very few democracies in which people are allowed to vote, and even fewer republics (such as the US) in which voters not only get to vote for their leaders, but have supreme authority over those put in office. (For example, we can recall and/or impeach elected leaders.)

The United States is unique in so many ways. Most importantly, this great nation was built on Biblical principles. God has blessed America, and He has given each of us a voice. One way to use your voice is to vote. When we vote according to Biblical values, we:

  • Speak up for the unborn
  • Demand law and order
  • Ensure religious liberty
  • Stand for righteousness rather than evil

Consider this: when America is firmly planted on Biblical principles, America is strong. When America is strong, Israel and our allies are strong. What happens in this election literally impacts the world.

Dear friends, whether you vote early or on Election Day, please vote. As a child of God, you are essential, and the principles of God’s Word are essential. Honor God by exercising the voting privilege He gave this great Republic!

BTW – if you missed Non-Essential?, take some time to find out just how and why you and our Christian values are so essential in this election season.

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