Has God Abandoned Israel?

While the world focuses on COVID, and the US is distracted by President Trump’s health and the upcoming election, false teaching abounds in churches throughout the world. In fact, it is increasing dramatically, particularly as some choose to tickle the ear rather than teach Biblical truth.

The Bible tells us the last days will be characterized by apostasy (“falling away”) and the increase in false teachers and messiahs. While it is not as bad as it will be one day, we see it oozing from far too many “Christian” churches.

Replacement Theology, in many different forms, is being taught today. That theology basically states that, because Israel rejected Christ, the promises of God to the Jewish people have now been transferred to the church, making the church the “new Israel.” Nothing could be further from the truth! Listen to how Amir Tsarfati addresses that idea:

Indeed, God has not abandoned Israel, but is still preparing them for repentance and salvation!

So, what should be the position of the church? Not to teach it’s members they are a “replacement” for the Jews, but to stand strong with Israel despite their unbelief!


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