Has God Abandoned Israel?

While the world focuses on COVID, and the US is distracted by President Trump's health and the upcoming election, false teaching abounds in churches throughout the world. In fact, it is increasing dramatically, particularly as some choose to tickle the ear rather than teach Biblical truth. The Bible tells us the last days will be …

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How is Tearing Down Statues like Replacement Theology?

Both want to re-write history! Amir Tsarfati's latest newsletter explains. Check it out here: Amir's Bible Bites - June 29, 2020

If God Forgot His People (Israel), He Could Forget You!

False teaching such as Replacement Theology is running rampant through churches today who are not committed to the truth of God's Word! Replacement Theology, in essence says, "Since the Jews rejected Jesus as Messiah, God has now rejected them and all the promises He made to the Jewish people are now transferred to the church. …

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One Olive Tree, One Flock, One Family

Let's pick it up where we left off yesterday.  We've established, based on Galatians 3:7, 29, that those who are in Christ are descendants of Abraham.  God invites us (Gentiles) into a special family, and we will dive deeper into that today. Let's think of Israel in two ways: natural Israel and spiritual Israel.  Natural …

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