After Trump: The Movie

Friends, I’ve seen it and it is a fantastic resource detailing what we may face once the left imposes its socialist ways on our country. Like him or hate him, President Trump is currently standing in between Americans and the downfall of our country as it slides into One World Order, driven by socialism.

Here is the official description of the movie:

After Trump: The World After Trump addresses the aggressive movement to transform America, seeking to strip away its freedoms, teachings and Judeo-Christian values. The film chronicles President Trump’s struggles against a worldwide push for a controlling one-world centralized government and his desire to preserve the sovereignty of ‘We The People’.

Whether you love or hate President Trump this documentary answers the question; what will the world look like in 2024 after Trump?

~, accessed 10/5/2020

The documentary features many well-known conservative voices of which we are familiar, and a few, perhaps, we are not. But it is well-done and certainly lays out the case for what faces America.

The movie is available on DVD or as a download, and is available several places. My recommendation is to order via The cost is any donation. I highly recommend it!

PS: There is a “blockbuster” documentary coming out any day now, entitled Totally Under Control. It is a bunch of “medical professionals” intent on demonizing President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus. It has supposedly been in preparation for 5 months and is “coincidentally” coming out now that Trump has been diagnosed with the virus.

Makes me wonder…is there something more sinister in play? Could the virus have been covertly and purposefully introduced to Trump and his inner circle, timing it perfectly for this film to be made public, and for max damage to his campaign? I’m not saying that is definitely the case, but I am saying I am very sensitive to sinister and/or demonic activity leading up to this election. Some will stop at nothing!

Pray for our leaders! They need God’s supernatural protection right now. Also, be sure to fact check EVERYTHING (including the above recommended video) before buying into the message. (I have had conversations with some “in the know” about the movie, and have fact checked a major portion of After Trump. I encourage you to do the same.)

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