Christians are Waking Up! Now Let’s Pray!

Christian friends, lots is stirring in my soul right now because I feel encouraged lately as believers seem to be waking up from a slumber. In the day and age in which we live, that is critically important. The most important election in our nation’s history is about to take place and, if we wish to retain our religious freedom, we must not only know and understand the issues, but we must pray and we must vote.

Also at stakein this election is America’s stance with Israel. Who sits in the White House determines whether or not our country leans toward God’s blessing or curses. (Genesis 12:3) Our votes count, and ultimately we are responsible for fulfilling our obligation as Americans and Christians to vote!

Voting takes place soon, but prayer takes place now! So, I want to share several prayer opportunities and encourage you to commit to pray for our nation and the upcoming election. Please remove personality and likes/dislikes from the equation and seek out Biblical principles and God’s will as you pray and vote. Here are several resources as you pray and seek God’s will:

  • Countdown to US Presidential Election: These are daily prayer posts from Behold Israel on Facebook. Get the updates by following Behold Israel, or look for the shares on my ministry Facebook page: Looking4theBlessedHope.
  • It’s Time to Pray: Worldwide prayer meetings are live or online at 7pm Eastern (4pm AZ time) tomorrow (October 6) from Plymouth MA, where our nation was founded.
  • Pray. Vote. Stand: Family Research Council President Tony Perkins will join Pastor Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills (CA) for a call to action. The event takes place live and online on Wednesday (October 7) at 4:30-6:30 AZ time (Pacific). Tune in online here. (That site also has other resources, including a prayer guide.)
  • Non-Essential with Kirk Cameron: Join the conservative voices of Kirk Cameron, Charlie Kirk, Dinesh D’Souza, Rob McCoy, David Harris, Jr., Cissie Graham Lynch, Dr. Dan Erickson & Pastor Jack Hibbs. The 2-hour event begins at 11am AZ time (Pacific) on Saturday, October 17, and live streaming is TBD. Keep an eye on the link above.

These are all events to embolden us a Christians to pray, vote and stand for righteousness and American liberties this election season.

Finally, if you are not yet registered to vote, stop right now and do so! Today is the last day to register in some states, including my home state of Arizona. It takes only a couple minutes. Regardless of your state, go to and follow the simple prompts. You can’t vote if you don’t register…and your vote is important.

We are literally defending our nation as we know it, and we are literally only one election away from seeing America slide into socialism. In the days to come, I’ll share more about why I say that, but please get involved!

Stay tuned, dear friends. I’m finishing up a review of a new resource I just acquired and will share it with you this afternoon! I believe it is a clear look at what is at stake. Keep an eye out!

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