Nations United by Prayer: Honor God!

Hi friends! A few weeks ago I began this series, Nations United by Prayer, because I felt an overwhelming burden for the future of Israel and Ameria. That burden has grown exponentially, given all that is happening in both lands, making it very difficult to put into words all the Lord has poured out in my heart. I can make only meager attempts, but it is impossible to articulate all I’ve come to hear from Him.

However, as I rose from my knees to write this, the Lord reminded me He is speaking to each one of us and He isn’t dependent upon me to “tell it all.” He has a special message just for you! Thus, I’m content to simply bring forth ideas and He is faithful to work His way into your heart and mind.

The key thing is to PRAY. Will you join me in spending a quiet moment with Him, simply listening to His still small voice, and hearing that personalized message? As we communicate with Him, He will guide us into knowledge and wisdom as we consider His will for Israel and America.

It seems to me we Americans have a tendency to be “too big for our britches!” We’re a successful nation, and proud of it. Our pride, though, tends to be based on what we accomplish, rather than on the unfathomnable ways in which God has blessed our great nation.

As we wallow in pride, we dishonor God. We snatch the glory from the King of the universe who created us and gave us the great privilege of living in America. It is time to change course and honor God.

We do that in many ways, but as we approach election day, it is appropo to consider how we honor God in the election. So, in the 5 weeks we have left before the election, I want to share 5 duties as a Christian citizen, pertaining to the election. The first is: Register to vote, if you are not already!

Citizenship in a free country gives us rights that many nations do not have: we choose our leaders. Citizens of many countries don’t have that privilege. So, it is the duty of Christian citizens is to register to vote, in order to participate in that responsibility!

British statesman Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” To put it Biblically, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for God-loving people to do nothing.” Imagine…if all Christians registered, then went to the polls to vote their Biblical values, righteousness would reign in every election!

Voting is a matter of stewardship of the privilege God grants us. If you are not registered, you not only squander the gift, but fail to steward what God has given you.

Time is short! The deadline to register in Arizona is tomorrow, though some states have later deadlines. (Click here to find out the deadline and instructions in your state.) Registration can be done online in almost every state (Texas being a notable exception), and it usually takes only a couple minutes.

Pray that God-loving, God-fearing people will register to vote!

PS: Some will ask: What does this have to do with Israel? Good question! Israel and America are currently inextricably linked. Right now, we have the most pro-Israel administration in the history of the US, but that will not always be the case. America is not mentioned in end time events, which seems to indicate the US will lose its standing as the most powerful country on the world stage, and will not stand with Israel in her moment of dire need. Let it not be on our watch!

Furthermore, the Bible promises blessing to those who bless Israel and curses to those who curse Israel (Genesis 12:3). Those who sit in the White House and Congress will lead us in one direction of the other. Let us be part of the blessing, not the curse!

Check in each Sunday afternoon as all 5 duties of Christian citizens are revealed.

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